Conesys Acquires ATI-Inerco

By Connector Supplier | February 01, 2013

Conesys Acquires ATI-Inerco

Conesys has finalized the acquisition of ATIInterco, which will join the Conesys group of companies that includes AeroElectric Connector, Aero Industrial Products, EMP Connectors, JTech, Conesys Europe, Conesys Mexico, and Conesys Asia. Based in Paris, France, ATIInterco designs, develops, manufactures, and sells complete connectivity solutions including PCB connectors; highly reliable, application-specific connectors; standard and custom backshells for circular and rectangular connectors; RF connector products; filter connector products; and a wide range of cabling components and accessories for circular and rectangular connectors.

ATIInterco’s products are used in harsh environments common to the defense, mil‐aero, mass transit, industrial, space, energy and commercial aero markets.

This acquisition will enable Conesys to share its expertise in circular connectors and interconnection systems with ATIInterco, thereby expanding its product solutions to meet its customers’ requirements with more flexibility and competitiveness, and reinforce its worldwide presence.

Walter Neubauer Jr., Conesys chairman and CEO, said, “The acquisition of ATIInterco will help us broaden our product offerings to our existing customers and we believe ATIInterco customers will benefit from the synergies provided through this acquisition. We are enthusiastic about the opportunities this acquisition provides Conesys and its customers.”

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