Thomas & Betts Ocal Liquidtight Connector with Grounding Ring

By News Release | November 10, 2015

The Thomas & Betts Ocal Liquidtight Connector with Grounding Ring ensures personnel and equipment safety.  

Thomas & Betts’Thomas & Betts Ocal Liquidtight Connector with Grounding Ring (T&B) patent-pending ground ring in its new Ocal Liquidtight Connector with Grounding Ring provides a perfectly secure connection for a sustainable ground path to ensure personnel and equipment safety.

“If a fault occurs within the wiring in a conduit system, all that remains to continue a ground path from the power source to the load is the electrical bonding at the terminations,” said Ralph Donati, product marketing director at T&B. “Until now, the only option to ground the connection at the conduit’s termination was to secure a ground lug to the connector’s gland nut with a stainless steel screw. In response to market demands for greater corrosion resistance and conductivity, T&B has redesigned the Ocal Liquidtight Connector with an innovative grounding ring.”

The new grounding ring, which complies with UL 467 for grounding and bonding, is made of naval-grade brass to ensure the highest possible corrosion resistance for a conductive material. It will accept copper conductors.

The Ocal Liquidtight Connector with Grounding Ring complies with NEC 350.60 Grounding and Bonding: “Where used to connect equipment where flexibility is required, an equipment-grounding conductor shall be installed. Where required or installed, equipment-bonding jumpers shall be installed in accordance with 250.102.”

Nominal .040-inch PVC coating is bonded to the exterior and is available in gray, white, blue, or custom colors. Pressure-sealing sleeves protect the connection. Ocal products use only genuine T&B liquidtight fittings to ensure quality installations.

News Release
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