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WAGO’s Compact Terminal Block with Easy Wire Release

WAGO’s compact terminal block with easy wire release, just 2.7mm high, eliminates on-board LED shadowing. WAGO introduced the extremely compact 2059 Series PCB terminal blocks to virtually eliminate on-board LED shadowing. With a 2.7mm high, bright white profile, the 2059 is the ideal connector for compact, miniaturized LED modules and bulbs. Benefits include: PUSHWIRE connection offeringRead More

METZ CONNECT SC305/SL305 Terminal Blocks

The METZ CONNECT SC305/SL305 Terminal Blocks are compact and cost-effective, with spring-clamp, compression-mount contacts. METZ CONNECT introduced the new SC305 and SL305 series of terminal blocks with spring-clamp, compression-mount contacts. The terminal blocks facilitate a wire-to-board connection without the use of a header. Contact is established directly on the solder pads where a header would traditionallyRead More

Wieland WT Series DIN Rail Terminal Blocks

The Wieland WT Series DIN-rail terminal blocks provide screw-clamp terminal block design with push-in jumpers and a flexible marking system. Wieland Electric has significantly enhanced the design of its proven DIN rail-mounted screw-clamp terminal blocks. Part of the company’s selos family, the WT Series terminal blocks combine Wieland’s years of manufacturing experience with design innovationsRead More

FCI NQ SMT Wire-to-Board Spring Clamp System

The FCI NQ SMT Wire-to-Board Spring Clamp System extends the company’s terminal block portfolio with a solution that is ideal for LED devices and other compact applications. FCI introduced the new NQ SMT Wire-to-Board Spring Clamp System as an extension of its terminal block portfolio. It includes a robust design, versatile modular system, secure electrical contacts, lowRead More

HARTING har-flexicon Connectors and Terminal Blocks

HARTING har-flexicon connectors and terminal blocks deliver greater PCB performance and density with robust connectivity.  HARTING unveiled its har-flexicon series of discrete wire-to-board connectors and terminal blocks, which deliver greater PCB performance and density with robust connectivity. These miniature components offer design and manufacturing flexibility, for any termination technology, that make possible a lower all-in costRead More

ASI Low-Voltage Thermocouple Terminal Blocks

ASI low-voltage thermocouple terminal blocks are available in six versions for type E, J, K, R, SR, and T thermocouple combinations. Automation Systems Interconnect Inc. (ASI) announced six new thermocouple terminal blocks for Type E, J, K, R, SR, and T thermocouple combinations. The UKJ-W2.5/TC screw clamp thermocouple terminal blocks are low-voltage, temperature-measuring, DIN rail-mounted terminalRead More

The Cabled Backplane Challenge

December 2013 – Has the traditional PCB backplane approach reached its data speed limits? Many in the electronic manufacturing industry think so, and search for an alternate means to achieve data rates and throughput that will take us into the next generation of information technology. High-speed cable technology may be the answer.

PCB Terminal Wiring Made Easier

December 2013 – PCB terminals with quick connection technology offer an ideal alternative to costly and time-consuming methods of transferring power to PCBs, as they allow cables to be connected quickly, safely, and without tools in a wide range of applications.

Phoenix Contact Expands Push-in Terminal Block Line

Phoenix Contact Expands Push-in Terminal Block Line Phoenix Contact has expanded its line of push-in technology (PT) terminal blocks to include a smaller version of the popular STIO 2.5 series. The PTIO 1.5/S series is only 3.5mm wide with a new top-level location for the power wiring. The blocks offer the market’s highest-density power distributionRead More

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