Yamaichi eQSFP+ Connector for 40/100GbE and InfiniBand

With the increasing demand for a faster and more reliable form factor signal transmission interface, Yamaichi Electronics developed the eQSFP+ connector for 40/100GbE and Infiniband. With the increasing demand for a faster and more reliable form factor signal transmission interface, Yamaichi Electronics introduced its high-speed 32Gb/s enhanced Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable plus (eQSFP+) host connector, CN120-038-000*.Read More

Q&A: Samtec on Signal Integrity

Recently we spoke to Julian Ferry, high-speed R&D manager at Samtec, to learn more about the latest developments in high-speed interconnects, which applications are driving them, and how Samtec is meeting the challenges. Read on for more from Samtec on signal integrity. CS: What are the primary applications in which system designers would look to high-speedRead More

Connector Challenges for High-Speed Serial Link Applications

As data rates increase, the bandwidth of signals increases and its rise time decreases. ALL signal integrity problems get worse with higher signal bandwidth and shorter rise time. Here, Dr. Eric Bogatin examines the connector challenges for high-speed serial link applications. Thanks in part to Netflix and YouTube, which together comprise as much as 50% ofRead More

Molex Plateau HS Dock+ Connector System

The Molex Plateau HS Dock+ Connector System meets demand for higher data rates with superior signal integrity, providing 150% speed improvement. Molex introduced the Plateau HS Dock+ Connector System for networks that require higher data rates with superior signal integrity to meet the growth in networking and wireless device markets. Plateau HS Dock+ high-speed docking connectors haveRead More

TE Expands Mezalock Line of Connectors

Additions to the Mezalok line of connectors offer more design flexibility with new stack height and pin density options. TE Connectivity has extended its rugged, high-speed Mezalok mezzanine connector family. The new extensions include a stack height of 15mm and a new 320-position size, which fill a height gap and add additional pin density. TheRead More

Connector Technology Highlights from DesignCon

Bob Hult reports on the connector technology highlights from DesignCon, especially the race to 100+Gb/s. The DesignCon 2014 conference and expo once again demonstrated the event’s value as the premier showcase for high-speed chip, connector, and PCB board technology. Featuring a full schedule of well-attended technical sessions over four days, a sense of excitement andRead More

The Cabled Backplane Challenge

December 2013 – Has the traditional PCB backplane approach reached its data speed limits? Many in the electronic manufacturing industry think so, and search for an alternate means to achieve data rates and throughput that will take us into the next generation of information technology. High-speed cable technology may be the answer.

Choosing the Right RF Cable Assembly

October 2013 – Because coaxial cable assemblies are so vital to such a wide range of systems, from rugged ground-based electronic systems to satellites orbiting in space, the selection process for those cables should not be treated lightly. Choosing the right coaxial cable assembly is easier when you know what to look for in a high-frequency or high-speed coaxial cable assembly.

A Peek Under The High-Speed Hood

August 2012 -What new developments are coming up in high-speed train design, and what role will cable and interconnect devices play? Here’s a look inside this fast-moving market.


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