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The State of Data Center Networking Technologies

As networks are required to move more data faster than ever before, Bishop & Associates’ Lisa Huff looks at the current state of data center networking and makes her forecast for the future.   Ethernet dwarfs other networking technologies in the data center market with 10G, 25G, 40G, and 100G data rates currently being used,Read More

Networking Equipment: 100G and Beyond

Now that 100G networking equipment is being deployed in both local and wide area networks, it is time to seriously consider what lies beyond.   There are many research and development projects currently underway to answer the question of how high data rates will go, as well as what they will require of the hardware that makes them possible. TheRead More

Fiber Optic Technologies in Networking

While not yet pervasive in all sectors, fiber optic connectors are present and growing in all market sectors. In this excerpt from a recent Bishop & Associates market report, we look at the effects they’ve had on data center networks and what is still to come.   Ever since Bell Laboratories developed the first glassRead More

How to Specify Mini-SAS HD Connectors and Cable Assemblies

There are a number of variables to consider when choosing Mini-SAS HD interconnects, and here TE offers tips on how to specify Mini-SAS HD connectors and cable assemblies to achieve the necessary performance level. † Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) connectors are essential for interconnecting storage systems in the data center. SAS defines the standard interconnectRead More

FCI PwrMAX Ortho Power Connectors

The FCI PwrMAX Ortho power connectors are designed for orthogonal system packaging architectures. FCI expanded its power connector family to include the PwrMAX Ortho power connectors, which are designed to support orthogonal system packaging architectures in data center equipment. This architecture can offer improved data transfer and improved system cooling by eliminating midplane circuit boards. PwrMAX Ortho power connectors can beRead More

Facility Cabling Systems and Increased Healthcare Data Requirements

As patient records, diagnostic information, and even the operating theater increasingly rely on networked electronics, the amount of data that must be managed has grown dramatically. Here we’ve excerpted a detailed white paper by Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies on some of the available solutions for increasing speed and efficiency in a facility’s cabling infrastructure.   Hospitals and otherRead More

Cloud Computing and the Rise of Silicon Photonics

The rapid growth of cloud computing requires data centers to scale up, but traditional copper presents limitations in distance, bandwidth, and efficiency.   The business of today’s data-driven world is being conducted in the Cloud. The rapid growth of cloud computing requires data centers to dramatically scale up in order to handle the oceans ofRead More

Intra-Data Center Optics

Fiber optics are poised to enable network functionality like never before with increased data rates and bandwidth inside the data center.   The need to change the data center network from a hierarchal one to a leaf-spine or more meshed one has arisen from the ever-increasing need for compute and storage access and the useRead More

How to Increase Speed and Efficiency in Data Centers

Cloud computing and bandwidth-intensive applications have made the data center more important than ever, and managers want to squeeze every last bit of performance out of its architecture, even down to the connector level.   In today’s environment, data centers are gaining importance due to the trend of outsourcing access to data (through the Cloud) while continuously supporting bandwidth-intensive applicationsRead More

Sumitomo Lynx2 CustomFit MPOQ8 Splice-On Connector

The Sumitomo Lynx2 CustomFit MPOQ8 Splice-On Connector is the industry’s first eight-fiber QSFP-40G-SR4 MPO splice-on connector for 40G/100G data center connectivity. Sumitomo Electric Lightwave introduced its Lynx2 CustomFit MPOQ8 Splice-On Connector, the industry’s first 8-fiber QSFP-40G-SR4 MPO splice-on connector that facilitates fast and easy 40 and 100GbE data center and enterprise network connectivity with maximum cost savings. CoupledRead More

Network Architecture in the Data Center

Top-of-rack switching has become the norm in data centers. What does that mean for data center connectivity solutions?   With the advent of top-of-rack (ToR) switching and SFP+ direct-attach copper cables, more data centers are able to quickly implement cost-effective 10G-and-beyond connections. ToR designs originally popped up because data center managers ran out of roomRead More

Stewart Connector’s Small-Diameter Cat 6 RJ45 Plugs

Stewart Connector’s small-diameter Cat 6 RJ45 plugs target patch cables in data center applications. Stewart Connector released small-diameter Category 6 RJ45 plugs (SS-39100-039), the newest members of Stewart Connector’s family of parts engineered to support Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T). Designed to meet the requirements of small-diameter patch cables in data center environments, the eight-position, eight-wire, UTP modular plugs terminate mostRead More

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