Southwest Microwave High-Frequency 1.0mm Connectors

By News Release | November 17, 2014

Southwest Microwave high-frequency 1.0mm connectors are the first field-replaceable connectors in that size. 

Southwest MicrowaveSouthwest Microwave High-Frequency 1.0mm Connectors introduced a line of 1.0mm DC-to-110GHz connectors. Products in the series include field-replaceable two- and four-hole flange-mount and thread-in connectors, direct-solder cable connectors, and clamp-on end launch connectors, including low-profile and reduced-size low-profile versions.

Made in the US and built to Southwest Microwave’s rigorous performance and quality standards, the 1.0mm connectors are rugged and durable, featuring a 360° raised grounding ring and operational temperature rating of -55°C to +165°C. The 1.0mm connectors provide mode-free operation through 110GHz, offering well-matched impedance, excellent repeatability, and the industry’s lowest VSWR (1.2:1), insertion loss (0.6 dB), and RF leakage (≤ -100 dB).

“As the industry’s first field-replaceable one-millimeter connectors, 1.0mm flange-mount and thread-in products represent the latest in Southwest Microwave’s long history of innovation and strong support of connector interchangeability,” said Holger Stuehrmann, Southwest Microwave’s director of sales. “Coupling this with our industry-leading performance results, the series as a whole provides exciting solutions for broadband applications up to 110GHz.”

Southwest Microwave plans to continue to expand 1.0mm offerings over the coming months with additional connectors and a number of commonly used within- and between-series adapters.

News Release
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