Satellites and 3D Radar Will Drive the Aviation Evolution

Two technologies will change everything about commercial air control and communication: Satellites and 3D radar will drive the aviation evolution. The evolution of commercial aviation technology is driven and supported by both engineering innovation and government intervention. Currently, there are two technological developments holding the industry’s attention: The transition from radar-based air traffic control to satellite control and upgrades to 3D radarRead More

Radiall’s Low Power SMA and SMP Terminations

Radiall’s Low Power SMA and SMP Terminations provide a small form factor and high performance, allowing more flexibility in the design and integration of radio frequency equipment. Radiall introduced a new range of Low Power SMA and SMP Terminations. These Low Power Terminations provide a small form factor without compromising performance and provide flexibility inRead More

Five Things to Know About RF Coaxial Connectors

Think you know everything about RF Coaxial Connectors? Here are five things to know before you start your next design. 1. Radio frequency (RF) coaxial contacts maintain signal integrity. RF coaxial connectors have historically been used to transmit radio signals over copper lines so the signal can be processed into an audible or visible medium.Read More

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