Satellites and 3D Radar Will Drive the Aviation Evolution

Two technologies will change everything about commercial air control and communication: Satellites and 3D radar will drive the aviation evolution. The evolution of commercial aviation technology is driven and supported by both engineering innovation and government intervention. Currently, there are two technological developments holding the industry’s attention: The transition from radar-based air traffic control to satellite control and upgrades to 3D radarRead More

Regenerative Braking Systems in Rail Applications

Regenerative braking systems reclaim and store kinetic energy in a reusable manner. Conventional vehicle braking systems convert kinetic energy into heat via friction, wasting a great deal of energy potential. Regenerative braking systems reclaim and store this kinetic energy in a reusable manner. More and more modern electric drive vehicles, including locomotives, boast regenerative brakingRead More

Reinventing Your Wheels: Auto Convergence Technology

November 2013 – The automotive industry is opening up its data platforms, and that’s big news for both consumers and car dealers. This wealth of information will make cars smarter, safer, and more intuitive.

The Impact of Positive Train Control

October 2013 – Significant progress toward implementing PTC is being made as US railroads collaborate with federal regulators and suppliers in order to meet a 2015 deadline enacted by the US Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

Intelligent Transport Systems Sensor Technology for the Smart Roadside

April 2, 2013 – The main focus of the ITS strategy is aimed at reducing travel time; easing delays and congestion; improving safety; and reducing pollutant emissions without the need for new roadway construction. ITS strategies that contain electronic surveillance, communications, and traffic analysis and control technologies bring about benefits to transportation system users and managers. Lane Latto looks at how these initiatives will affect the connector industry.

European Train Control Systems Gone Global

February 19, 2013 – Although the on-board systems in railway transportation applications represent high-volume, complex interconnect opportunities, it is important to address the basic building block of the ERMTS system, which begins with trackside collection of data.

A Peek Under The High-Speed Hood

August 2012 -What new developments are coming up in high-speed train design, and what role will cable and interconnect devices play? Here’s a look inside this fast-moving market.


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