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Increase Contact Performance by Pre-Stressing

Ed Bock of APEX Electrical Interconnection Consultants explains how to increase contact performance by pre-stressing to achieve greater strength and expanded dynamic range.   In examining the consequences of residual stress that develop in a contact beam subjected to stresses beyond the material’s elastic limit, we can see how residual stress may be beneficial, or if not properlyRead More

Belden Modular Industrial Patch Panels

Belden Modular Industrial Patch Panels deliver a single solution for structured management of fiber, copper, or combination cabling.  Belden Inc. announced new distinct ranges of structured Modular Industrial Patch Panel (MIPP) products for harsh industrial applications. With three robust and versatile termination panel options, engineers and installers can easily connect both fiber and copper cablesRead More

Contact Design Considerations For Long-Term Reliability

In the latest installment in our Connector Basics series, Ed Bock of APEX Electrical Interconnection Consultants looks at the ability of a contact system to operate in spite of external contamination and contact design considerations for long-term reliability.   For those critical electrical contact applications where the consequences of failure are severe and long-term reliability isRead More

Mill-Max Crimp Receptacles

The new Mill-Max crimp receptacles are COTS alternatives to the popular mil-spec M39029 female crimp terminals. Mill-Max announced the addition of new crimp receptacles to its selection of wire termination products. The new 07XX series are commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) alternatives to the popular mil-spec M39029 female crimp terminals. The receptacles are fitted with the high-reliability Mill-Max spring fingerRead More

Dr. Bob on Gold Flash Contact Finishes (and Max Peel)

To honor his former colleague Max Peel, who passed away in April, Dr. Bob discusses gold flash contact finishes and the warning that is Peel’s Law. This article will eventually be about gold flash contact finishes, but it begins with a few words about my colleague Max Peel. Max passed away on April 16 ofRead More

TPC Cable Glands for Hazardous Locations

TPC cable glands for hazardous locations meet North American and European safety and performance standards. TPC Wire & Cable Corp. announced a new product family of non-armored cable glands specifically designed for hazardous locations. The glands perform in temperatures from -60°C to +105°C (-76°F to +221°F) and offer a unique clamping system which allows oneRead More

Cabling in Top-of-the-Rack Architectures

Top-of-the-rack architectures offer a clear access-layer migration path to an optimized high-bandwidth network and cabling facilities architecture that features low capital and operating expenses and supports a “rack-and-roll” computer deployment model that increases business agility. This article is excerpted from a white paper published by Cisco. Forward-looking IT departments are preparing their data centers forRead More

TE’s DEUTSCH 5015 High Power Contacts

TE’s DEUTSCH 5015 High Power Contacts are precisely machined to maintain tight dimensional tolerances and meet MIL-DTL-5015 specification. TE Connectivity launched its new DEUTSCH 5015 High Power contacts that deliver improved performance and reliability, and fully comply with the MIL-DTL-5015 specification for military and aerospace markets. “After years of product design and development, TE isRead More

Connector Contact Lubricants

Connector contact lubricants can reduce mating forces and contact wear, and there are lubricants to do just that. But the real goal is to get more than just friction/wear reduction from a lubricant. For many of us the first thing that comes to mind when the word “lubricant” comes up is “slippery stuff,” motor oil,Read More

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