AMETEK Engineered Interconnect and Packaging (EIP) is the world’s most capable manufacturer of hermetically sealed interconnect components, microelectronic packages, high temperature cofired ceramics (HTCC) , optical connectors, and cable assemblies.

AMETEK EIP has more than 80 years of experience in addressing interconnection, packaging, and cabling problems for mission critical, harsh, and demanding environments.

Our family of brands support every major industry sector including aerospace, defense, energy, medical and more.


High reliability glass-to-metal seal hermetic packages for the microelectronics industry. Aegis manufactures a full range of industry standard and complex custom packages in both glass and ceramic configurations.


High precision, high performance custom hermetically sealed connectors designed, engineered, and manufactured for the most extreme environments. Hermetic Seal products include qualified military connectors, high-pressure, high-temperature bulkhead connectors, extreme high-temperature connectors, and ruggedized connectors that combine glass seals with advanced PEEK molding technology.


Qualified hermetically sealed connectors. Sealtron have made millions of qualified commercial and MIL-STD connectors and are the world’s largest dedicated supplier of these components into aerospace, defense and industrial markets.


High precision, high performance penetrators, cable assemblies, and connectors that support Navy and marine ocean systems. SCP is a manufacturer of submarine hull penetrators and outboard cable assemblies, fully experienced in both international and domestic defense programs and utilizing a regionalized manufacturing strategy to meet local content requirements.


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