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    Market Update: Commercial Aviation is Thriving

    Boeing and Airbus both added automation to their production lines to keep up with demand.   The worldwide demand for commercial airliners is booming. In 2015, Boeing and Airbus built a total of 1,397 aircraft. According to The Wall Street Journal, both companies are automating their production lines, from robots to exoskeletons for the workers,Read More

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    Facts & Figures: Top 10 Telecom Suppliers

    In 2015, Apple was the largest telecom manufacturer worldwide, while Amphenol was the leading supplier of connectors to the telecom industry.   In 2015, the top 10 telecom companies had total revenues of more than $483 billion. Apple’s iPhone sales, at $155.5 billion, were nearly one third of the sales of all top 10 companies. Apple designs, manufactures, andRead More

Industry Snapshots

Strong Finish in 2012 for the Automotive Market

March 19, 2013 – Despite Europe’s economic woes, 2012 world automotive light vehicle sales set a new record, and the automotive sector continued to dominate the world connector market with sales of $10.179 billion. Roger E. Rickey discusses the drivers behind the growth and how that may carry into 2013.

Wrap-Up: Mixed Feelings at electronica 2012

December 4, 2012 – Bishop & Associates’ staff attended electronica 2012 and talked to industry personnel to discuss industry trends, news, and advancements to obtain insight into the outlook of industry insiders. Here’s the general consensus.

Connector Distributors are Feeling Price Pressure

Competition is the primary cause for the decrease in both prices and margins. In a downturn, price competition heats up and the cannibalization of margins begins. Are distributors becoming their own worst enemies?

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