Transportation Market Sees Boom in Commercial Aircraft

Soaring air travel and aging fleets will continue to drive demand for narrow body and regional jets, continuing the boom in commercial aircraft. Bishop tracks 13 companies in the transportation market sector. This market has been growing, as measured by these 13 company’s revenues, in the last three quarters. In 1Q14, the combined revenues ofRead More

Facts & Figures for the Global Rail Industry Market

The global rail industry market for connectors is expected to yield an 8.0% CAGR through 2018, growing to an annual volume of $828.8 million. Europe, the largest component of the global rail industry market segment, with 48.8% of the total market, is repositioning itself for consistent expansion into its 2020 plan and beyond. A freeRead More

Condition-Based Maintenance Secures the Flow of Goods

High availability and the reliability of rolling stock comprise the basic requirements for modern rail freight. HARTING is researching solutions for condition-based maintenance strategies. The long history of sustained, strong growth in global trade correlates to a continued increase in the flow of goods in the future. Despite political advocacy and a broad range ofRead More

Regenerative Braking Systems in Rail Applications

Regenerative braking systems reclaim and store kinetic energy in a reusable manner. Conventional vehicle braking systems convert kinetic energy into heat via friction, wasting a great deal of energy potential. Regenerative braking systems reclaim and store this kinetic energy in a reusable manner. More and more modern electric drive vehicles, including locomotives, boast regenerative brakingRead More

Inter-Vehicle Jumper Systems for Rail Transport

Today’s inter-vehicle jumper systems must withstand a diverse array of electrical, mechanical, and climatic conditions. Today’s inter-vehicle jumper systems must be capable of withstanding a diverse array of conditions, so the system’s design must consider the flow of current and the resulting heating, vibration, bending, and torsion, as well as ambient temperature, ballast strikes, weathering,Read More

Amphenol’s Data Link Connector Among Most Durable in Class

Amphenol’s data link connector, the Max-M12, is ideal for rugged environments. Amphenol Industrial Products Group offers one of the most durable data link connectors in its class, meeting SAE J2839 and IEC 61076-2-101 specifications. The Max-M12 withstands connector-to-cable retention forces of 444 N and contact retention forces of 110 N, tested at 100 mating cyclesRead More

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