Samtec’s Edge Rate Contact System Optimizes Signal Integrity

By Cable Assembly Supplier | June 13, 2013

Samtec’s Edge Rate Contact System Optimizes Signal Integrity

Samtec’s Edge Rate contact system is optimized for signal integrity performance in high-speed and multi-cycle applications. This system offers many advantages over stamped contacts and is available in various interconnects and cable assemblies with a choice of pitch, orientation, and ruggedizing options.

The smooth, broad, milled mating surface of the Edge Rate contacts increases wear life and minimizes the effects of broadside coupling, which decreases crosstalk for superior signal integrity performance. Increased impedance control is achieved by a straight, consistent material cross-section. Robust when mating and unmating, this contact system also features a long contact wipe up to 1.5mm, which improves the mating angle tolerance. In addition, Edge Rate contacts are suitable for a variety of high-speed protocols and standards.

The versatile contact system can be found in Samtec’s Edge Rate, Q Rate, and SEARAY product families. The Edge Rate family includes 0.50mm (.0197”) and 0.80mm (.0315”) pitch connector strips, high-speed edge-card sockets and coax or twinax cable assemblies. Q Rate connectors and cable assemblies feature a 0.80mm (.0315”) pitch with ground/power plane on a slim body design for space-saving high-speed applications. High density SEARAY open pin field arrays are available on 0.80mm (.0315”) or 1.27mm (.050”) pitch to maximize grounding and routing flexibility with up to five I/Os in stack heights from 4mm to 40mm.

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