Active Optical Cables Go the Distance

One solution to the signal integrity and reach issues in copper cabling is the use of active copper cable assemblies. Bob Hult takes a look at today’s technology and where it could lead the industry.   The long predicted demise of high-speed copper cables continues to be delayed/frustrated by continuing improvements in the technology of data transmission.Read More

Q&A with ProLabs: Compatible Network Products

Recently we spoke with Ward Williams, chief commercial officer at ProLabs, to learn more about the compatible product market.   Q: What are compatible network products? A: Compatible products can include transceivers, direct-attach cables (DAC), active optical cables (AOC), and media converters, among others. Compatibles are designed to work with all manufacturers’ equipment and can beRead More

Yamaichi Y-Con Cable Assembly Product Line

The Yamaichi Y-Con cable assembly product line includes adapter cables with M12 and push-pull connectors that terminate to RJ45 and USB interfaces.  Yamaichi Electronics’ Y-Con product line provides adapter cables with M12 or push-pull connectors that connect to RJ45 or USB interfaces. All the required connector components are available on-site at Yamaichi, so the entire cable assembly can be manufactured at a single production location. Yamaichi ElectronicsRead More

What’s Next in Networking?

We now live in an always-connected world, forcing networks to evolve in ways not anticipated even just a few short years ago. We asked Bishop & Associates’ Lisa Huff: What’s next in networking?   Programmability seems to be the latest network trend. Software-defined networks (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), while hyped over the last fiveRead More

Requirements of Ethernet Cable for Industrial Environments

Is an extra layer of protection all you need to make an Ethernet cable industrial-ready? Here, Lu Li of Alpha Wire explains the requirements of Ethernet cable for industrial environments. Moving Ethernet from an office environment into the industrial world is not as easy as one might think. The office environment offers its cabling systemRead More

TE 100G QSFP28 Copper Cable Assembly

The TE 100G QSFP28 copper cable assembly complies with next-generation 100G Ethernet and InfiniBand EDR industry standards. TE Connectivity introduced its new high-speed 100G QSFP28 passive copper cable assembly. Providing four data transmission lanes at 25Gb/s (or up to 28Gb/s per lane), this product satisfies market demand for the next generation of 100G switches, servers, routers,Read More

The Telecom Market Takes a Breather

Bishop & Associates’ tracking of the cable assembly industry in the telecom market shows cell/smartphone revenues in decline while unit sales climb. Bishop tracks 11 companies in the telecom market sector. This market has been in contraction, as measured by these 11 companies’ revenues, in three of the last five quarters since 1Q13. In comparison to these companies,Read More

Siemon Cisco-Compatible SFP+ Direct-Attached Copper Cable Assemblies

While its industry-standard passive SFP+ DAC assemblies have been tested and proven for interoperability, these new Siemon Cisco-compatible SFP+ direct-attached copper cable assemblies are programmed specifically to work with network equipment with 10GBASE-CX1 ports. Siemon, a network infrastructure specialist, announced SFP+ Copper twinax direct-attach cables (DACs) that are programmed for compatibility with Cisco equipment. While Siemon’s industry-standard passive SFP+Read More

Problem Solved: Graybar’s Direct Attach Method

The Direct Attach method removes the jack and patch cord from a typical Ethernet connection on the far end and attaches the device directly to a modular plug on the end of the horizontal Ethernet cable. Karl Griffith of Graybar explores the benefits of this solution. Graybar has identified an alternative method for network connectionsRead More

The Future of Copper 40-Gigabit Ethernet

The first standard for 40G structured cabling, IEEE 802.3ba, only covered fiber optics and short-reach copper twinax. Now an active task force is developing a copper twisted-pair standard. Here is a look at the technology and potential market for copper 40-Gigabit Ethernet. While the TIA touts its premise wiring standards as “application non-specific,” the industryRead More

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