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Interconnect News: May 2016

For the latest interconnect news from manufacturers and suppliers, read on!   Manufacturers Interconnect News AVX Corporation earned TTI Supplier Excellence Awards in each of the company’s three regions – Europe, Asia, and the Americas – for the second consecutive year. Bestowed by TTI, the awards recognize AVX for having successfully fulfilled several key qualityRead More

Materials Impact Microwave Cable Performance

In today’s microwave cable assemblies, it is essential to identify the electrical, mechanical, environmental, and application-specific constraints that affect overall performance, which are impacted by the materials used for cable dielectric and jacketing.   Ensuring high-quality signal stability of cables for microwave applications means evaluating the dielectric and jacket materials for attributes that account for the harshRead More

Interconnect News for February 19, 2016

Interconnect news for February 19, 2016 features hot new product announcements to ensure speed and reliability.       Connector Manufacturers’ Announcements Aries Electronics named Enterprise Technology as its 2015 Representative of the Year. The award, accepted by Enterprise Technology President, Mark Keating, is based on overall, year-over-year percentage and dollar-growth sales data. Distributor Announcements Digi-Key unveiledRead More

Automotive Innovations for 2016

As automakers increasingly tout next-generation safety and convenience features, electronic interconnection designers and suppliers have more incentive than ever to stay ahead of the curve. †   In an industry accustomed to long design cycles and proprietary solutions, burgeoning electronics options are creating new pressures for more rapid adoption by automotive designers. Both external andRead More

Protect Cable from Oil Damage

Oil can inflict molecular damage on the compounds used for cable insulation and jacketing that will ultimately result in cable failure, downtime, and replacement costs. Lapp USA explains how this happens and how to prevent it.     Of all the chemical exposures that can affect the life and performance of electrical cables, oil is oneRead More

Alpha Wire EcoFlex PUR Continuous Flex Cables

Alpha Wire EcoFlex PUR continuous flex cables offer zero-halogen construction, oil resistance, and reduced diameter. Alpha Wire’s new EcoFlex PUR continuous flex cables feature reduced size and weight and zero-halogen construction in a rugged, oil-resistant cable for continuous flex applications. As an addition to its EcoGen portfolio of compact, lightweight, zero-halogen wire and cable, EcoFlex PUR cables use mPPERead More

How to Specify Aluminum Wire for Automotive Applications

Restrictive connector terminal solutions can be an issue when specifying aluminum wires for automotive applications.   In light of time-to-market issues in the automotive industry, aluminum is the best option for reducing the weight of the electrical distribution system and harnesses. Aluminum has been used in battery and power applications in premium cars for some time.Read More

Cable Material Design Criteria for the Medical Industry

Delivering the optimum cable for the medical industry is much more challenging than it was just a few short years ago: It is no longer just pieces of copper within a non-conductive sleeve adapted to the application. Floyd Henry of Bioconnect examines cable material design criteria for the medical industry.     Cutting-edge cables for aerospaceRead More

Aluminum: The Wiring Material of the Future

Lightweight aluminum wiring can replace heavier copper wires in the wiring harness, but aluminum is a demanding material. TE suggests considerations that could help make aluminum the wiring material of the future. Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity. In the car industry, this lightweight material is in the process of replacing copper in power cables. ThereRead More

Replacing Vintage Subsea Cable

In this case study about replacing vintage subsea cable to scenic Drummond Island, Kerite’s Peter Ebersold describes how the company overcame the environmental challenges to meet the tight timeline dictated by permit conditions. When Cloverland Electric Cooperative wanted to replace the aging subsea cable that serves Drummond Island in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, it turned to experienced utilityRead More

How to Select Cable for Variable Frequency Drive Systems

Excessive electrical noise in variable frequency drive installations can wreak havoc on the precision electronic components, network cabling, and other sensitive wiring found in most modern industrial facilities. Belden’s Peter Cox explains how to select cable for variable frequency drive systems. Many existing variable frequency drive (VFD) installations use cross-linked high heat water resistant insulated wire (XHHW); thermoplasticRead More

TPC Super-Trex High-Flex Crane Cable

TPC’s Super-Trex High-Flex Crane Cable reduces corkscrewing in crane and reeling applications. TPC Wire & Cable introduced a new product to its Super-Trex family of cables. The Super-Trex Heavy-Duty Flex Crane Cable was designed specifically for crane and reeling applications. TPC’s extensive family of long-lasting Super-Trex electrical cords and cables was designed and engineered to perform inRead More

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