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Cable Stress and Failure in High-Flex Applications

Cable stress and failure in high-flex applications have a direct impact on reliability of automation equipment. This information is an excerpt of a white paper from W.L. Gore &  Associates.  The latest process automation machines are designed to operate much faster than previous generations and incorporate vision and numerous sensors. This new operating environment canRead More

Meeting Medical Industry Standards for Cable Design

With no medical industry standards for cable, the industry adopts voluntary specifications to ensure patient safety. The medical device industry tolerates a much smaller margin of error than most other industries. Medical devices are highly precise and sensitive instruments. As such, medical interconnect cable, and more significantly, the material used in such apparatuses, must beRead More

Custom Coil Cable Solution for Osceola Fire Department

Northwire provides firefighters in Osceola, Wis., with a custom coil cable solution for greater efficiency. The Osceola Fire Department, located in Osceola, Wis., provides fire suppression, fire protection, and rescue services to the village of Osceola, the town of Farmington, and part of the town of Alden. The department is made up of 27 dedicatedRead More

A Quick Coil Cord Primer

This quick coil cord primer explains when to use coil cords and what to look for when you’re choosing products for your applications. Durability, low force-to-extend, excellent retractile memory, and high flex life are all important customer requirements for coil cords. From 12 AWG to very-fine-wire 38 AWG and tinsel, coiled cords are manufactured in single-Read More

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