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CONEC’s New M12x1 Connectors

CONEC’s new M12x1 connectors are field-attachable with a larger terminal cross-section. CONEC has re-engineered the contact design for its M12x1 connectors. The contacts can now take up wire cross-sections of 1.5mm² (maximum) including the wire-end sleeve. With a wire cross-section of 1.5mm², the connector is able to transmit up to 7.5A per contact, and theRead More

Phoenix Contact M23 Hybrid Connectors

The Phoenix Contact M23 hybrid connectors for signal, data, and power transmission include cordsets and connectors for servo-drive and encoder-feedback applications. The new M23 hybrid circular connector from Phoenix Contact is an all-in-one connector that securely transmits signals, data, and power. The compact M23 connector can handle currents up to 30A and voltages up to 850VDCRead More

Five Things to Know About Molded Connector Construction

You may know molded connectors are a good option for harsh environments, but you may not know what to look for when specifying one in particular. Remke shares five things to know about molded connector construction to help you design your next solution. Remke Industries suggests five criteria to use in evaluating molded connectors for your next design: 1.Read More

Binder-USA M12 Cordset with Spark-Resistant PUR Cable

Binder-USA expands its M12 family with an M12 Cordset with spark-resistant PUR cables. Binder-USA added spark-resistant PUR cables to the M12 cordset line-up. The robust PUR cable ensures a resistance to sparks, wear, impact, and flexibility. The new M12 A-coded cordsets are ideally suited for robot welding lines in the automation industry. Standard versions haveRead More

Amphenol Sine Systems’ CheckMate System for M40 Connectors

Amphenol Sine Systems’ CheckMate System has improved its MotionGrade M40 Connector product lines with a locking mechanism that works with other commercially available M40 quick-locking systems. Amphenol Sine Systems’ MotionGrade M40 Connector Systems are designed to excel in performance and reliability in customers’ most demanding environments. Amphenol’s MotionGrade M40 products are ideally suited for advancedRead More

Amphenol Sine Systems’ M23 Hybrid DMC

Amphenol Sine Systems’ M23 Hybrid DMC, an extension of the MotionGrade M23 product line, is ideal for advanced servo-drive encoder feedback applications. Amphenol Sine Systems has improved its MotionGrade M23 Connector product lines with the development of the new M23 Hybrid DMC Series Connector. Available versions include: 2 Power + PE + 1 Signal +Read More

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