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How to Specify Wind Turbine Connectors

The functional viability of wind turbines ultimately depends on the robustness and reliability of the interconnect systems that are designed into them. Here are Smiths Connectors’ tips on how to specify wind turbine connectors. This information was provided by Smiths Connectors. Today, more than ever before, the world is racing to develop alternative sources ofRead More

Choosing the Right Cutting and Stripping Machine is All About the Apps

September 2013 – Choosing a new wire cutting and stripping machine can be like shopping for a new car: With so many choices, where does one start? A nice little sports car might be fun to own, but how often will it just sit in the driveway because it can’t carry a load of kids or some odd-sized goods from the home improvement store? Schleuniger’s Pete Doyton walks us through the steps to follow when choosing a new C&S machine.

Let There Be (LED) Light

LED Light Governments, energy producers, and environmentalists around the world have been on a mission to kill the incandescent light bulb. A very small percentage of the energy these lamps consume is actually converted into visible light; the majority ends up generating wasteful heat.  The emergence of more efficient alternatives means obsolescence appears to be inevitableRead More

Renewable Energy – An Industry in Turmoil

May 21, 2013 – We have been besieged by stories of misfortune and turmoil in the solar and wind industry, caused by overcapacity, regulatory issues, US sequestration, bankruptcies, and the lure of other cheap energy solutions. While this news has been unsettling, it also indicates a healthy shakeout is coming to the renewable energy industry.

Intelligent Transport Systems Sensor Technology for the Smart Roadside

April 2, 2013 – The main focus of the ITS strategy is aimed at reducing travel time; easing delays and congestion; improving safety; and reducing pollutant emissions without the need for new roadway construction. ITS strategies that contain electronic surveillance, communications, and traffic analysis and control technologies bring about benefits to transportation system users and managers. Lane Latto looks at how these initiatives will affect the connector industry.

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