Hirose Mono-Pole DF59S Series for LED Applications

By Connector Supplier | August 16, 2013

Hirose Mono-Pole DF59S Series for LED Applications

Hirose DF59S Series LED ConnectorsHirose Electric developed the DF59S Series, a mono-pole connector that is optimized for LED lighting applications. The board-to-board connectors feature a housing-free receptacle that produces a slim fit and low profile when mated, making this an excellent connector for high-density LED applications. The DF59S Series has a unique “stress-free contact” that provides a ± 0.5mm floating function in the X and Y directions and ± 0.2mm in the Z direction.

“The DF59S Series connectors are ideal for high-density, low-power LED applications with limited space between LEDs,” said Rick van Weezel, vice president of sales and marketing for Hirose Electric USA. “This connector series provides a solution for LED engineers hoping to maximize board space while ensuring the optimal performance needed for an application to excel.”

Depending on the distance between the two connector sets, the DF59S Series connectors have a rated voltage range of 200V to 350V, and a high current capacity of 3A. The DF59S series is RoHS- and REACH-compliant, and is classified as a halogen-free product.

Pending UL application, the DF59S Series connector’s creepage distance from the PCB edge to the contact pad satisfies the 250V condition requirement of IEC60664-1.

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