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Building the Smart Grid

Overall, it’s a mixed picture around the world, but the move toward building the smart grid continues to gain momentum. According to research company Bloomberg New Energy Finance, investments in smart grid equipment and rollout reached $14.9 billion in 2013, up almost 5% from the $14.2 billion recorded in 2012. Half of the worldwide spending on smart grid implementationRead More

Industrial Market Sees Uptick in Growth

A number of trends are converging so that the industrial market sees an uptick in growth. Bishop tracks 13 companies in the industrial market sector. This market had mixed results, as measured by these 13 companies’ revenues, in the last six quarters. In 2013, these companies contracted 0.6% year over year. In 1Q14, the combinedRead More

Requirements of Ethernet Cable for Industrial Environments

Is an extra layer of protection all you need to make an Ethernet cable industrial-ready? Here, Lu Li of Alpha Wire explains the requirements of Ethernet cable for industrial environments. Moving Ethernet from an office environment into the industrial world is not as easy as one might think. The office environment offers its cabling systemRead More

Industrial Automation and Robotics: What’s Next?

We’ve reported often about robotics in the industrial arena over the last few years; now Bishop & Associates’s Arthur Visser looks at developments in industrial automation and robotics moving to the next level – service robots at home. “Where do I get the best robot deals?” In the not-so-distant future, you may ask yourself this question. SinceRead More

How to Select Cable for Variable Frequency Drive Systems

Excessive electrical noise in variable frequency drive installations can wreak havoc on the precision electronic components, network cabling, and other sensitive wiring found in most modern industrial facilities. Belden’s Peter Cox explains how to select cable for variable frequency drive systems. Many existing variable frequency drive (VFD) installations use cross-linked high heat water resistant insulated wire (XHHW); thermoplasticRead More

The Always-On Demands of the Industrial Market

David Weaver from Bulgin discusses the always-on demands of the industrial market and its need for robust connections, looking at how the latest high-power, waterproof, push-pull power connectors can help to meet these needs. In today’s “always-on” world, there is an ever-increasing need to ensure uninterrupted connectivity in the harshest environments; equipment is expected toRead More

Hannover Messe 2014: Industry 4.0 – The Next Industrial Revolution

The focus of this year’s Hannover Messe industrial fair was “Industry 4.0 – The Next Industrial Revolution,” as the exhibitors presented the best and most innovative products and systems they had to offer. Hannover Industry Messe took place from April 7-11, 2014, and the Netherlands was chosen as the official partner country for the show. TheRead More

The Hannover Messe Short List

Once again, Hannover Messe is upon us, and with all there is to see and do in its numerous halls, you’ll want to maximize your visit. To be sure you don’t miss any highlights, we present Connector Supplier’s Hannover Messe Short List. Weidmuller (Hall 11, Stand B60) will showcase the next step on the roadRead More

Amphenol Sine Systems’ M23 Hybrid DMC

Amphenol Sine Systems’ M23 Hybrid DMC, an extension of the MotionGrade M23 product line, is ideal for advanced servo-drive encoder feedback applications. Amphenol Sine Systems has improved its MotionGrade M23 Connector product lines with the development of the new M23 Hybrid DMC Series Connector. Available versions include: 2 Power + PE + 1 Signal +Read More

Cable Stress and Failure in High-Flex Applications

Cable stress and failure in high-flex applications have a direct impact on reliability of automation equipment. This information is an excerpt of a white paper from W.L. Gore &  Associates.  The latest process automation machines are designed to operate much faster than previous generations and incorporate vision and numerous sensors. This new operating environment canRead More

Rise of the Industrial Robots

Rise of the Industrial Robots When Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Chairman Terry Gou announced in 2011 that Foxconn, its wholly owned subsidiary, would install one million robots over the next three years in its factories to replace workers and do “simple” work, he probably did not actually intend to install that many industrial robotsRead More

Why Robots Won’t Replace People: Industrial Q&A with TTI Inc.

Why Robots Won’t Replace People: Industrial Q&A with TTI Inc. – Lew LaFornara What is the state of the industrial market for electronic components, particularly for connectors and why robots won’t replace people are discussed in this Industrial Q&A with TTI Inc. The industrial market is the one segment that is most closely tied toRead More

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