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2016 Distributor Customer Survey Results

The annual Bishop & Associates’ survey of distributors’ customers is complete, and here’s a peek at the results.   Overall Score on All Questions Click here to read our full report on the 2016 Distributor Customer Survey results.

2015 Automotive Market Unit Volume Increased 1% Worldwide

The latest numbers show that automotive unit volume increased 1% in 2015, and TE tops the list of connector suppliers to the market. The worldwide demand for connectors in the automotive market was $11.8 billion in 2015, down 4% from 2014. North America and Europe consumed 62% of those connectors by dollar volume. Vehicle productionRead More

Top 10 Connector Companies in the Transportation Market

Delphi tops the list of connector suppliers to the transportation market.     The worldwide demand for connectors in the transportation (non-automotive) market was $3.8 billion in 2014. North America and Europe consumed 54% of those connectors by dollar volume. 2014 Transportation Market for Connectors by Region of the World Out of the top 100Read More

Medical OEMs: How’s Business?

When Bishop & Associates asked medical OEMs “How’s business?,” the response showed a 15.6% sales increase and a 37% drop in profits.   Bishop tracks eight companies in the medical market sector. These companies’ combined sales have grown year over year for the past 14 consecutive quarters ending with 3Q15. In 2013, these companies grew 3.0%Read More

Be Happy About the Upcoming Tech Correction

It’s not a matter of if but when; Michael Wade of IMD explains indicators beyond the component industry that predict a tech correction in the market and what that means for the connector and electronics industries in the coming year. †   A tech correction is coming; the only remaining variables are when it will happenRead More

Facts & Figures: The Real Top 10 Connector Manufacturers

The top 10 connector manufacturers are usually ranked by world sales, but when Bishop & Associates redefines “top 10,” the list of companies moves around as well.   Typically, Bishop & Associates ranks the top 10 connector manufacturers by total world sales. When annual sales are the unit of measure, the 10 largest companies are as follows:  2014 Top 10Read More

Facts & Figures: Top 10 European Connector Manufacturers

Europe plays a significant role in the connector industry, as it is the second largest region for connector sales. Here, Bishop & Associates reveals the top 10 European connector manufacturers based on its research.     The European connector market generated $11.8 billion in sales in 2014, which is 21.3% of world connector demand. Europe isRead More

Facts & Figures: Top 10 Suppliers by Market Share

Bishop & Associates reports the top 10 connector suppliers in share of market in part two of our “Top 10” Facts & Figures series.     The top 10 connector companies are shown below, with each company’s share of 2014 world sales. Top 10 Changes The following table identifies the top 10 companies in 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010,Read More

2015 Cable Assembly Market Wrap-Up

Bishop & Associates crunched the numbers for the first three quarters of sales in the cable assembly market to present a snapshot of how the industry fared in 2015.     2015 is three quarters of the way into the bank, and the year, so far, has been a disappointment for many companies in theRead More

Facts & Figures: Fiber Optic Connectors

Automotive is the fastest growing market sector for fiber optic connectors.     The market for fiber optic connectors, after years of promising predictions, is finally (really) taking off. From plastic optical fiber (POF) used in automobile communications systems to embedded optics in high-performance computing (HPC), fiber-optic connector use is growing. The largest revenue opportunitiesRead More

Facts & Figures: Automotive Connector Market

Research shows exceptional growth for the automotive connector market, both in the past and future.   The market for automotive connectors has been outstanding in recent years. Pent-up demand for new cars, which resulted from the Great Recession, initially drove the market in the early years of this decade. This was coupled with the growing useRead More

Facts & Figures: Cable Assemblies for the Transportation Market

Transportation market sector sales for cable assemblies in commercial aviation continue to ascend, as sales growth is driven by regional air travel.   Bishop tracks 13 companies in the transportation market sector. These companies’ combined sales have grown year over year until the first two quarters of 2015. In 2013, these companies grew 2.6% year over yearRead More

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