Samtec SEARAY 0.80mm-Pitch Ultra High-Density Array Cable Assemblies

By News Release | November 10, 2015

The Samtec SEARAY 0.80mm-pitch ultra high-density array cable assemblies provide performance up to 15 Gb/s with significant board space savings.

Samtec’sSamtec SEARAY 0.80mm-Pitch Ultra High-Density Array Cable Assemblies SEARAY 0.80mm (.0315″) pitch ultra high-density array cable assemblies provide 50% board space savings compared to .050″ (1.27mm) pitch SEARAY systems. With performance to 15Gb/s and up to 300 total Edge Rate contacts, this cable system is designed for rugged high-speed applications where space is limited.

The SEARAY 0.80mm (.0315″) pitch array cable assembly (ESCA Series) offers 50Ω single-ended signal routing on 34AWG micro-ribbon coax cable with 20 or 30 contacts per row in eight- and 10-row designs. The cable assembly features a signal-to-ground ratio of 4:1, optional screw-downs, and a minimum cable length of two inches. Both cable ends are available in socket and terminal options. SEARAY 0.80mm-pitch board-level mates (SEAM8/SEAF8) are available in 2mm and 5mm body heights for design flexibility and standard lead-free solder charge terminations to simplify IR reflow termination and improve solder joint reliability.

The featured Edge Rate contact system increases cycle life and minimizes the effects of broadside coupling, which decreases crosstalk for superior signal integrity performance and impedance control. This rugged contact system is also less prone to damage when “zippered” during unmating.

SEARAY products are the industry’s largest offering of high-speed, high-density open-pin field arrays. They support 28+Gb/s applications and are also Final Inch-certified for break out region trace routing recommendations to save designers time and money. Samtec’s Signal Integrity Group provides application support via its in-house signal integrity engineers for SEARAY interconnects and many other products. These highly qualified engineers help with application-specific design, modeling, testing, interpretation of the test data and performance results, and much more.

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