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How to Specify Nanominiature Connectors

Nanominiature connectors provide an ideal solution for challenging wiring systems in the constantly evolving aerospace industry. Here, Radiall offers tips on how to specify the connectors for these applications.     To address the challenges airframers experience in the civil and military aerospace industry, a new format for multipin connectors was introduced. The nanominiature connectorRead More

How to Specify COTS Mixed-Layout Connectors for Military Vehicles

Learn more about the latest lightweight COTS options for mixed-layout connectors from Erich Reichenbach of Reichenbach International.     Connectors for the military should be small, lightweight, rugged, reliable, and versatile as they are exposed to various demanding applications and environments. Here are some suggestions for specifying military COTS connectors. Size, Weight, and Shape By conserving fuel, aRead More

New Harwin Datamate Coaxial and HD Power Connectors

Harwin expands its Datamate range of products with a coaxial connector and a 10-position high-density power connector. Harwin released the Datamate coaxial connector and the M300 10-position high-density power connector series. These products can be used in aerospace applications including satellites, military aircraft, robotics, and UAVs. The Datamate 2mm-pitch, board-to-board and board-to-cable high-performance/high-reliability connectors, which nowRead More

TE AMPLIMITE IP67 D-Sub Connectors

TE AMPLIMITE IP67 D-sub connectors are designed to meet MIL-DTL-24308. TE Connectivity announced its new AMPLIMITE IP67 D-subminiature connectors meet IP67 performance levels. Designed to meet MIL-DTL-24308 specifications, the new connectors have an environmental sealing that has been successfully tested at a submerged depth of one meter and have water and dust ingress protection to IP67.Read More

Military Wearables Enhance Soldier Capabilities

Military wearables enhance soldier capabilities, but the next generation of battlefield equipment will require an evolution in connector technology.   New wearables, including augmented reality technology and devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), will not (yet) make the new soldier or airman look like Iron Man, although “Iron Man Suit” is the nickname usedRead More

TE Micro Circular Connectors

TE micro circular connectors deliver reliability and flexible configurations for military applications. TE Connectivity announced that its metal-shell micro circular connectors are now available globally. The new connector family is a complete line of small circular connectors ideal for rugged military and commercial applications. The metal-shell micro circular connectors are versatile, tested for harsh environments, andRead More

TE’s Aluminum COPALUM Lite Sealed Terminals and Splices

TE’s aluminum COPALUM Lite sealed terminals and splices for aerospace applications reduce weigh up to 60% and provide easier, faster terminations. TE Connectivity announced its new COPALUM Lite sealed terminals and splices, which provide up to 60% in weight savings versus copper terminal alternatives and up to 53% weight savings versus drop-forged aluminum terminals. The newRead More

Ending Disconnect Between Subsystems in Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Interoperability standards are being defined and tested to break the data exchange impasse presented by proprietary architectures in unmanned ground vehicles.   Unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) can be counted among the unsung heroes of modern warfare. They are the robotic equivalent of the hard-working people one might see on a cable television profile. They possessRead More

TE Fortis Zd LRM Connector System

The TE Fortis Zd LRM connector system is a modular backplane system that protects next-generation embedded computing. TE Connectivity announced its new Fortis Zd LRM connector system, an innovative modular connector system for rugged, next-generation packaging from avionics boxes to military ground vehicles. It features a rugged, lightweight multi-bay shell that accepts high-speed digital signal, power,Read More

Amphenol RF Fixed-Length SMP Cable Assemblies

Amphenol RF fixed-length SMP cable assemblies are ideal for size-constrained, high-frequency applications. Amphenol RF introduced fixed-length SMP cable assemblies as a pre-configured solution for high-frequency applications with 50-ohm impedance requirements. The cable assemblies offer excellent performance up to 26.5GHz and are highly reliable in test environments. Amphenol SMP pre-configured cable assemblies feature Amphenol RF’s SMP plug connectors,Read More

Rectangular Connectors for Mil/Aero Disconnect Applications

While circular connectors are often the go-to choice for mil/aero applications, rectangular connectors may be an alternative under certain conditions.   Circular connectors have been a mainstay in the military/aerospace market segment for more than 75 years, but there is another option for your disconnect application. Governed primarily by the MIL-DTL-5015 and MIL-DTL-38999 specifications, circularRead More

Molex OptoConnect Custom Optical Enclosures

Molex OptoConnect Custom Optical Enclosures offer a high-density fiber optic routing management solution that integrates sophisticated fiber circuitry features. Molex Incorporated launched its OptoConnect Custom Optical Enclosures, which are designed to simplify complex fiber optic mapping issues. The OptoConnect fiber-routing system uses integrated FlexPlane circuitry for a complete end-to-end optical management system for high-density telecom and datacom equipmentRead More

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