LED Lighting: The Connection Counts

Everywhere you turn, you can find LEDs in almost any lighting form factor, and connections are more challenging than a screw-in light bulb. Andrew Bogaczyk of Phoenix Contact explains how to connect LEDs and why the connection counts.   LEDs continue to dominate the lighting marketplace; everywhere you turn, you can now find LEDs in almost any formRead More

JST Low-Profile LEK Series

The JST low-profile LEK series of LED connectors provides reliable contact even in high-vibration conditions. JST Corporation‘s new LEK Series connectors provide a space-saving and low-profile connection for LED lighting and reliable contact construction for high-density applications. Any misalignment of the horizontal connections between the PCBs is absorbed by the LEK plug and receptacle. The spring contactRead More

Amphenol LTW SSL 1.3 Bridge

The Amphenol LTW SSL 1.3 Bridge, developed for lighting applications, features the lowest-profile jumper connector on the market. The Amphenol LTW SSL 1.3 Bridge is used for electrical connection between two in-line PCBs. Featuring the lowest profile jumper connector on the market, SSL 1.3 is ideal for compact products where space savings is a concern. ItsRead More

SOURIAU UTL Power+Control Connector

The SOURIAU UTL Power+Control connector is designed for luminaires and urban lighting systems. The UTL Power+Control connector series from Esterline Connection Technologies – SOURIAU, is designed for luminaires and urban lighting systems installed both outdoors and inside buildings. Engineered specifically for LED lighting, it is one of the only harsh-environment connector solutions on the marketRead More

TE Low-Profile Hermaphroditic Connectors

The new TE hermaphroditic connectors are low-profile board-to-board and wire-to-board connectors that are ideal for lighting applications. TE announced its low-profile, surface-mount technology (SMT), miniature hermaphroditic connectors. The connectors are designed to provide power between adjacent linear LED lighting strip modules and enable faster and more efficient connections by allowing customers to mate and unmate linearRead More

TE SMT Releasable Poke-In Wire Connector

The TE SMT releasable poke-in wire connector simplifies field installation and is ideal for lighting applications. TE Connectivity announced its new low-profile, surface-mount technology (SMT) releasable poke-in wire connectors. Addressing the trend for wire termination simplicity and ease of proper assembly, TE’s new solderless connectors simplify multiple wire terminations using poke-in technology. Their unique release mechanism allows for theRead More

FCI NQ SMT Wire-to-Board Spring Clamp System

The FCI NQ SMT Wire-to-Board Spring Clamp System extends the company’s terminal block portfolio with a solution that is ideal for LED devices and other compact applications. FCI introduced the new NQ SMT Wire-to-Board Spring Clamp System as an extension of its terminal block portfolio. It includes a robust design, versatile modular system, secure electrical contacts, lowRead More

JST ADH Series for High-Density LEDs

The JST ADH Series of crimp-style, wire-to-board, subminiature connectors are ideal for high-density LED applications. JST‘s new ADH Series wire-to-board, crimp-style, disconnectable connectors offer subminiature size, design flexibility, and reliable contact construction for high-density applications. These 1.3mm (.051″) pitch, side-entry (right-angle), SMT connectors are polarized and have a secure friction-locking feature when mated. An excellent connectorRead More

TE LUMAWISE Zhaga-Compliant LED Holder

The TE LUMAWISE Zhaga-compliant LED holder offers solderless and snap-in features that simplify manufacturing and installation for lighting applications. TE Connectivity announced its new LUMAWISE Type Z50 LED holders. The holders join the LUMAWISE family of products, which offers a solderless, easy-to-assemble termination solution for the LED lighting marketplace. Today’s design engineers want the most efficient, cost-effective,Read More

LED Arrays Light the Way

The real advantages of solid-state lighting are realized when lamp designers shake off limitations imposed by traditional lamps and take advantage of the low power, low heat, and low profiles of LED light sources, as LED arrays light the way. Alternatives to the incandescent lightbulb have come a long way over the past 10 years. DemandRead More

How to Specify Connectors for LED Applications

Connectors play a variety of roles in LED lighting systems. Here, Mill-Max looks at headers and sockets used in coplanar board mating, providing a complete guide on how to specify connectors for LED applications. Connectors play a variety of roles in LED lighting systems, depending on the application. In many cases, they provide the electricalRead More

Design Tips for Better LED Connector Selection

LED connectors are not the “sexiest” of design components in a lighting fixture, but they can have a major impact on thermal path design, efficiency of production, and LED fixture certification time. Avnet’s Mark Mousseau shares design tips for better LED connector selection. Design decisions in the eco-system of an LED fixture are numerous and haveRead More

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