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Facts & Figures: Fiber Optic Connectors

Automotive is the fastest growing market sector for fiber optic connectors.     The market for fiber optic connectors, after years of promising predictions, is finally (really) taking off. From plastic optical fiber (POF) used in automobile communications systems to embedded optics in high-performance computing (HPC), fiber-optic connector use is growing. The largest revenue opportunitiesRead More

The Case for Fiber Optic Cable in Wind Turbines

Fiber optic cable may be the best way to achieve the effective monitoring and control necessary to ensure efficiency in offshore wind turbines.   One of the major challenges facing power generation from renewable energy sources is continuous and cost-effective operation. In the case of wind turbines, both offshore and onshore, this cost-effectiveness depends onRead More

Intra-Data Center Optics

Fiber optics are poised to enable network functionality like never before with increased data rates and bandwidth inside the data center.   The need to change the data center network from a hierarchal one to a leaf-spine or more meshed one has arisen from the ever-increasing need for compute and storage access and the useRead More

Safe Fiber Optic Splicing Techniques

Cable splices are a necessary evil in designing and installing a communications network, particularly in an industrial setting, so let’s take a look at safe fiber optic splicing techniques.     In a perfect world, a fiber optic installation would consist of long, continuous cable runs from one destination to another. However, in the realRead More

How to Specify Water-Resistant Fiber Optic Cable

Installing fiber optic networks in harsh environments, such as on the factory floor, requires special considerations. Here, Berk-Tek explains how to specify water-resistant fiber optic cable for demanding applications.   Fiber optic cables have become an integral part of applications such as data centers, local area networks, telecom networks, industrial Ethernet, and wireless. Each applicationRead More

Molex OptoConnect Custom Optical Enclosures

Molex OptoConnect Custom Optical Enclosures offer a high-density fiber optic routing management solution that integrates sophisticated fiber circuitry features. Molex Incorporated launched its OptoConnect Custom Optical Enclosures, which are designed to simplify complex fiber optic mapping issues. The OptoConnect fiber-routing system uses integrated FlexPlane circuitry for a complete end-to-end optical management system for high-density telecom and datacom equipmentRead More

TE PRO BEAM EB16 for M38999 Connectors

The TE PRO BEAM EB16 for M38999 connectors brings expanded beam optical technology to size 16 contacts. TE Connectivity announced its new PRO BEAM EB16 optical termini that bring the durability and ruggedness of expanded-beam optical technology to its size 16 contacts. Designed to fit MIL-DTL-38999 Series III size 16 cavities, the termini are aRead More

Single-Mode Connector Attenuation Estimation

In the latest installment of our “Connector Basics” series, Randy Manning of APEX explains basic single-mode connector attenuation estimation using Monte Carlo simulation.    An optical fiber connector is a mechanical component that transfers light between two fibers or between a fiber and an active device such as a transmitter or receiver. A connector isRead More

Distance Makes a Difference: Fiber Optics or Copper?

Choosing between fiber optics and copper? According to Jacques Mieville of Fischer Connectors, the further you go, the more you need fiber.   When properly maintained, there is no argument that fiber has significantly greater bandwidth and is more reliable than copper. Because fiber transmits data as a series of light pulses instead of electricalRead More

Fiber Optics: Knocking on the Copper Door

Fiber optics has long been touted as the next big thing. After 30 years of expectation, is that reality finally here? Fiber optics has long been defined as a technology that will become mainstream within five years…for at least the last 30 years. That may finally be changing. We don’t see fiber replacing copper toRead More

How to Specify Small Form Factor Optical Connectors

Over the last three decades, a myriad of optical connectors have come and gone, but small form factor connectors are making the choice easier these days. Molex offers tips on how to specify small form factor optical connectors.    In a maturing market, there are clear winners that prove superior and push out competing technologies.Read More

A Short Guide to Plastic Optical Fiber

Plastic optical fiber is an option for applications as diverse as residential wiring and avionics. Here’s a short guide to plastic optical fiber to help you determine if it’s what you need.   Installing plastic optical fiber (POF) cabling may be the better choice for networking with infrastructure runs of up to 80 meters that connect toRead More

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