Partner with Distributors for Custom Connector Designs

When a custom interconnect solution is required, partnering with a distributor can facilitate the process from early design stages through final delivery.   There is an abundance of off-the-shelf products available for connector and cable harness assembly applications; but where do design engineers turn when they need something custom-engineered for harsh or other unique environments?Read More

Gaining Net Value to the Automotive Supply Chain

While secondary sourcing can be a viable option to mitigate supply chain interruptions, many connectors for today’s automobiles are so specialized that finding a second source can mean a whole new set of challenges. The “supply chain” is the process by which a company creates and distributes its products and services to the end users. The execution begins whenRead More

Mouser Teams Up with Celebrity Engineer Grant Imahara

To launch its new “Empower Innovation Together” campaign, Mouser teams up with celebrity engineer Grant Imahara of Mythbusters fame.   Mouser Electronics recently announced a new partnership with longtime Mouser customer Grant Imahara, a celebrity engineer best known for his role on Mythbusters. As a practicing engineer, Imahara understands the frustrations and inspirations that keep engineers challenging themselvesRead More

What’s New in Distribution?

E-commerce, logistics, expanded product lines – no matter how large or small the customer, distributors are seeing the same trends across the industry. Avnet’s Dave Jakubowski gives us the lowdown on what’s new in distribution. Although there are many different types and sizes of distribution customers, as well as customers within the customer, the latest in distribution trendsRead More

Bishop & Associates’ Survey Names Heilind as Best Distributor

Every year, Bishop & Associates surveys distributors’ customers to learn which distributors provide the best service, product lines, added value, and more.  This year, Bishop & Associates’ survey names Heilind as Best Distributor. For the third time in as many years, Heilind Electronics was chosen as the best connector distributor in a Bishop & AssociatesRead More

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