Samtec SEARAY Press-Fit Right-Angle Socket Array

The Samtec SEARAY press-fit right-angle socket array provides increased design flexibility. Samtec’s family of SEARAY Open Pin Field Arrays has expanded to include a right-angle socket with press-fit terminations for increased design flexibility and high retention. This socket is a high-density solution for micro backplane applications with Samtec’s Edge Rate contact system optimized for signalRead More

Amphenol Industrial Optimized Base Transceiver Station Connector

The Amphenol Industrial optimized base transceiver station connector is qualified to 26A to address the need for higher current in remote installations. Amphenol Industrial Products Group now offers the Amphe-OBTS, an outdoor connector designed for use in harsh environments. This new optimized base transceiver station (OBTS) connector helps meet the needs of remote wireless radio power delivery.Read More

Mill-Max .090″-Stroke Spring-Loaded Pins and Connectors

The Mill-Max .090″-stroke spring-loaded pins and connectors offer a mid-stroke distance that is almost double that of other available standard products. Mill-Max has added three new heights to the popular 0914 series of spring-loaded pins and corresponding single- and double-row connectors. The 0914 series has a mid-stroke distance of .045″ (1.14mm) [.090″ (2.29mm) full stroke]Read More

TE’s Aluminum COPALUM Lite Sealed Terminals and Splices

TE’s aluminum COPALUM Lite sealed terminals and splices for aerospace applications reduce weigh up to 60% and provide easier, faster terminations. TE Connectivity announced its new COPALUM Lite sealed terminals and splices, which provide up to 60% in weight savings versus copper terminal alternatives and up to 53% weight savings versus drop-forged aluminum terminals. The newRead More

Connectors in Medical Robotics

Traditionally employed in heavy industrial applications, robots are moving into other industries. In the medical field, they are used for surgery, therapy, diagnostics, and much more.   Robots for specialized medical applications such as surgery bring together robotics and biology, and we’re seeing an increase in the number of robots specifically designed and developed for thisRead More

Diagnose Fatigue-Induced Failure in Cables in Motion

A major concern in robotics applications, cables in motion experience fatigue that can cause failures whether or not that motion is constant. Cable and harness test systems can help identify the source.   Cables in motion experience fatigue that can cause complete or intermittent failures, whether or not that motion is constant. Cable and harnessRead More

Neoconix Low-Profile X-Beam Electrical Connectors

The Neoconix low-profile X-Beam electrical connectors are the ideal solution for mobile applications that require robust battery and signal connections. Neoconix announced immediate availability of its new X-Beam family of electrical connectors. Featuring an ultra-low-profile form factor and a simplified SMT assembly process, the X-Beam product family is the latest Neoconix offering specifically developed for mobileRead More

International Microwave Symposium 2015 Wrap-Up

With a record-breaking number of exhibitors, this year’s International Microwave Symposium featured state-of-the-art developments in RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave products.   The International Microwave Symposium presented by the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) is the premier International event for microwave theory and practice. In addition to the flagship IMS Conference, “Microwave Week 2015”Read More

Hirose EM12M Snap-in Lock Power Connector

The Hirose EM12M snap-in lock power connector offers low contact resistance due to multiple contact points. Hirose designed a new high-power wire-to-wire connector system for industrial and medical applications. The EM12M Series single-position, snap-in lock power connector supports up to 90A using 22-square-millimeter cables. A reliable, multi-point contact design delivers low contact resistance and high current-carrying capacity. TheRead More

Gaining Net Value to the Automotive Supply Chain

While secondary sourcing can be a viable option to mitigate supply chain interruptions, many connectors for today’s automobiles are so specialized that finding a second source can mean a whole new set of challenges. The “supply chain” is the process by which a company creates and distributes its products and services to the end users. The execution begins whenRead More

How Connectors Lower Wiring Costs

The assumption that hardwiring will minimize wire installation costs is wrong. Here, Lapp Group explains how connectors lower wiring costs. If you design or build industrial machines, you probably know all about hardwiring. It remains the most common way to bring power and signal to the machine because it offers a perceived savings in installationRead More

FCI BarGuide Power Connectors

The FCI BarGuide Power Connectors provide high-power distribution in high-density packaging. FCI released the BarGuide Power Connectors, which were developed to meet the ever-evolving demands for high-power distribution in high-density packaging. They provide high amperage connections between busbars and circuit boards. BarGuide connectors provide a current-carrying capability from 60 – 250A, based on specific pin sizes. TheyRead More

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