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The Instrumentation Connector Market

It’s all about higher speeds and higher bandwidths. As many economies begin to emerge from the pandemic, instrumentation companies are bracing for a surge in test equipment. Semiconductor companies will require testing of the latest 5G chips, and Analytical & Scientific labs are gearing up for the vast array of clinical research the pandemic hasRead More

Mergers and Acquisitions in the Connector Industry

The electronics industry must respond to constant shifts in technology, product development, and market growth. Some companies nurture that capability in-house, while others gain expertise through strategic acquisitions. Here’s a brief history of that strategy as enacted by and upon connector companies. Since 1985, Bishop & Associates has recorded 589 mergers and acquisitions in theRead More

Interconnect News: August 2016

Catch up on the latest news from your favorite suppliers right here!   Interconnect News TTI recently received the award from Amphenol Corporation for Best 2015 European Performance. TTI and its subsidiary Mouser Electronics jointly were honored with this prestigious international award. In addition, TTI and Mouser won the awards for 2015 Best Global PerformanceRead More

Big Data, Big Challenges

Increasing demands of growing data volumes force IT professionals to explore better connection options.   Ask five people to define “Big Data” and you are likely to get five different definitions – ranging from broad references about analyzing numerous data sets for patterns and trends, down to very precise specifications for data set size orRead More

Distributor Line Card Update for March 30, 2016

Here are the new products your favorite distributors recently added to their line cards. Astute Electronics has signed a franchise agreement with French hi-rel connector manufacturer Nicomatic. Certified to ISO 9001:2008 and EN9100:2009, Nicomatic is well-established in the aerospace and defense markets. One of Nicomatic’s key product ranges is the DMM Micro-D Mix 2mm-pitch connector family,Read More

Harsh Environment Connectivity for RF-Over-Fiber

The greatest difficulty in deploying RF-over-fiber systems in military applications has been the lack of ruggedized fiber optic connectors capable of meeting the stringent return-loss requirements needed for quality signal transmissions.      Governments around the world are squeezing defense budgets to reduce spending. Defense departments are pushing systems manufacturers to provide increasingly capable andRead More

Amphenol to Buy FCI Asia

Amphenol has made a binding offer to Bain Capital for FCI Asia, which will be the company’s second acquisition this year. Amphenol Corporation has made a binding offer to of $1.275 billion to Bain Capital for Singapore-based FCI Asia Pte. Ltd. The acquisition, which will be financed with cash and debt, is expected to closeRead More

News Briefs for June 9, 2015

The awards pile up along with acquisitions, partnerships, and promotions in the news briefs for June 9, 2015.   Molex Incorporated announced the acquisition of ProTek Medical Ltd. by Molex Ireland Holdings B.V. Headquartered in Sligo, Ireland, ProTek Medical Ltd. specializes in supplying custom solutions for medical device manufacturers in the global medical industry. ItRead More

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