Updated: December 27th, 2019

The TE enhanced USB Type-C connector provides improved ruggedness and EMI performance for the next-generation I/O standard. 

TE ConnectivityTE Enhanced USB Type-C Connector introduced its USB Type-C connector, a do-it-all interface that eliminates the need for multiple cords in a broad range of products from slim handheld devices to robust industrial applications. TE’s new USB Type-C connector features enhanced electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding on the receptacle shell to help eliminate unwanted EMI leakage and provide enhanced performance over similar legacy products. It also offers additional connector board retention features compared to the industry standard footprint to provide enhanced reliability and ruggedness.

“The USB Type-C connector is a significant advancement over previous generations of USB connectors,” said Barbara Grzegorzewska, director of product management, input/output (I/O), TE Data and Devices. “The new USB Type-C industry standard connector provides faster data rates, higher power, and A/V connectivity in one interface, opening up far more design flexibility for engineers designing the next generation of electronics products.”

Key features and specifications of TE’s U