Updated: August 7th, 2019

Samtec Z-Ray ultra-low-profile, ultra-high-density interposers provide ultimate design flexibility.

Samtec’sSamtec Z-Ray Interposers newly released Z-Ray one-piece arrays provide an ultra low profile and high density and are highly customizable. These compression-contact arrays are used as interposers or integrated into connector housings. Compared to standard interposers, they feature greater density, X-Y-Z axes flexibility, customizable shapes and patterns, increased cycle life, low normal force with high deflection range, and 28+Gb/s performance.

These 0.80mm pitch arrays (ZA8 Series) are available with choice of dual-compression contacts or single compression with solder balls. With up to 400 total beryllium copper micro-formed contacts, they feature low 25g normal force with .008″ (0.20mm) contact deflection. Z-Ray is a one-piece design assembled into a rugged low-profile single-layer FR4 substrate under high pressure and temperature to achieve a 1.00mm stack height. Screw-down and alignment holes are standard for