Stacking/Mezzanine Connectors

Tech at Work: Virtual Autopsies

Using robots and imaging technology to make autopsies more efficient and less costly may seem like a no-brainer, yet when we look at the tech at work, virtual autopsies remain controversial around the world.   Who’s afraid of a dead body? Based on the success of television shows like CSI and Bones, it looks likeRead More

Managing Next-Generation High-Speed Signals

The physics associated with electronic signaling may point to the need for a more holistic system approach to higher performance.     At the beginning of the electronics era, the biggest challenge circuit engineers faced was designing low-resistance links between components. Very-early electronic systems often used discrete wire to make these connections, a process that wasRead More

FCI PwrMAX Ortho Power Connectors

The FCI PwrMAX Ortho power connectors are designed for orthogonal system packaging architectures. FCI expanded its power connector family to include the PwrMAX Ortho power connectors, which are designed to support orthogonal system packaging architectures in data center equipment. This architecture can offer improved data transfer and improved system cooling by eliminating midplane circuit boards. PwrMAX Ortho power connectors can beRead More

Samtec SEARAY Press-Fit Right-Angle Socket Array

The Samtec SEARAY press-fit right-angle socket array provides increased design flexibility. Samtec’s family of SEARAY Open Pin Field Arrays has expanded to include a right-angle socket with press-fit terminations for increased design flexibility and high retention. This socket is a high-density solution for micro backplane applications with Samtec’s Edge Rate contact system optimized for signalRead More

Samtec SkyRay Elevated Array System

The Samtec SkyRay elevated array system supports 28+Gb/s applicaations as well as PCIe and XAUI specifications. Samtec’s newly released SkyRay elevated array system offers design flexibility and high-speed performance without sacrificing signal integrity. The high-speed system supports 28+Gb/s applications, as well as PCIe and XAUI specifications. SkyRay is a three-piece system consisting of one riserRead More

How to Specify High-Speed Mezzanine Connectors

High-speed signal integrity concerns make choosing a connector for mezzanine board-to-board applications even more complex. Julian Ferry of Samtec offers advice on how to specify high-speed mezzanine connectors.   Choosing a connector for mezzanine board-to-board applications presents specification challenges in several engineering disciplines. High-speed signal integrity concerns make the selection even more complex. What is aRead More

HARTING DIN 41612 Type 3Q/3R Connectors

HARTING DIN 41612 Type 3Q/3R connectors, even more compact and just as rugged, are ideal for use with downsized circuit boards. HARTING now offers male connectors with the new 3Q and 3R designs per DIN 41612. All are available with or without flanges, which can further reduce the space requirement. The new male connectors in build typeRead More

FCI HPCE Mezzanine Connectors for Power and Low-Speed Signals

FCI expands its HPCE product family with HPCE mezzanine connectors, an economical solution for transmitting power and low-speed signals between parallel boards. FCI expanded its power solutions with the introduction of HPCE mezzanine connectors. Building upon the existing HPCE product family, the new HPCE mezzanine connectors provide an economical solution for transmitting power and low-speed signals betweenRead More

TE Expands Mezalock Line of Connectors

Additions to the Mezalok line of connectors offer more design flexibility with new stack height and pin density options. TE Connectivity has extended its rugged, high-speed Mezalok mezzanine connector family. The new extensions include a stack height of 15mm and a new 320-position size, which fill a height gap and add additional pin density. TheRead More

Connector Technology Highlights from DesignCon

Bob Hult reports on the connector technology highlights from DesignCon, especially the race to 100+Gb/s. The DesignCon 2014 conference and expo once again demonstrated the event’s value as the premier showcase for high-speed chip, connector, and PCB board technology. Featuring a full schedule of well-attended technical sessions over four days, a sense of excitement andRead More

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