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TE Fortis Zd LRM Connector System

The TE Fortis Zd LRM connector system is a modular backplane system that protects next-generation embedded computing. TE Connectivity announced its new Fortis Zd LRM connector system, an innovative modular connector system for rugged, next-generation packaging from avionics boxes to military ground vehicles. It features a rugged, lightweight multi-bay shell that accepts high-speed digital signal, power,Read More

Modern Hyperboloid Contacts for Circular I/O Connectors

When choosing modern hyperboloid contacts for circular I/O connectors, the specific requirements of the application are key considerations.   Circular connectors are ubiquitous in medical electronics, instrumentation, and military and aerospace equipment. The round configuration lends itself to input/output applications that see frequent mating and un-mating. Plug and receptacle alignment is intuitive to enhance ease of use.Read More

Inside Connection: AMETEK Interconnect Technologies

Inside Connection highlights the technologies, innovations, special services, and unique products from connector suppliers like AMETEK Interconnect Technologies. Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio, US About the Company AMETEK Interconnect Technologies is a business unit of AMETEK Inc. and combines the skills and capabilities of Hermetic Seal Corporation and Sealtron Inc. These two historic brands have a long legacy of applyingRead More

Amphenol Amphe-Coal EX Hazardous-Rated Connectors

The Amphenol Amphe-Coal EX hazardous-rated connectors are explosion-proof circular connectors that are ideal for the mining industry. Amphenol Industrial Products Group now offers an explosion-proof, heavy-duty hazardous-rated connector series that provides outstanding performance in automated process control and instrumentation systems. The Amphe-Coal EX is a miniature version of Amphenol’s Amphe-Mine EX connector series. Made upRead More

How to Specify Nuclear Energy Connectors

Connectors for the nuclear energy industry must be rugged and reliable as they are exposed to extreme chemical, temperature, and radiation conditions. Here are some tips on how to specify nuclear energy connectors. Nuclear energy demands long-term reliable solutions designed for the most severe environments. Connectors for this industry need to be rugged and reliable as they are exposedRead More

Omnetics Waterproof Micro-Circular Connectors

Omnetics waterproof micro-circular connectors are ideal for both digital and analog high-rel applications that require IP67 immersion testing. Omnetics‘ micro-sized (.050″ pitch) connectors in compact metal or overmolded polymer shells offer dramatic size and weight reduction for circuits requiring multiple pin interconnection systems. Nearly the smallest in the industry, they are less than one-half-inch in diameter forRead More

Amphenol 9-Way AT Circular Series

The Amphenol 9-way AT circular series features a smaller flange and is designed for use in the heavy equipment industry. Amphenol Industrial Products Group has enhanced its 9-way AT circular series receptacle line by adding one with a smaller flange that can be fitted to all heavy equipment vehicles. The ATC-09-9-1939PN meets SAE J1939, a specification for communication andRead More

SOURIAU MSG 3U Connector for TCMS and TIMS

The SOURIAU MSG 3U connector for TCMS and TIMS applications complies with EN 45545, the most stringent smoke and fire standard. Designed for on-board or on-ground TCMS (Train Control Monitoring System) and TIMS (Train Information Management System) applications, the MSG 3U connector by Esterline Connection Technologies – SOURIAU complies with EN 45545, the most stringent smokeRead More

Q&A with TE: Contactless Connectivity

Take a closer look at the effects contactless connectivity technology has had on the industry in this Q&A with TE Connectivity. Q: What market needs drove the development of contactless technology? A: The need for reliable connections in situations where traditional connectivity reaches its limits due to space restrictions, vibrations, dust, and dirt. In oil and gas, forRead More

Amphenol Amphe-Mine EX Heavy-Duty Series

The Amphenol Amphe-Mine EX explosion-proof connectors provide outstanding performance in harsh environments. Amphenol Industrial Products Group offers a heavy duty connector series that is explosion-proof and certified for use in IECEx Group 1 mining hazardous locations. Based on Amphenol’s Star-Line series, the Amphe-Mine EX product line is made up of environmentally sealed plugs and receptaclesRead More

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