How to Specify COTS Mixed-Layout Connectors for Military Vehicles

Learn more about the latest lightweight COTS options for mixed-layout connectors from Erich Reichenbach of Reichenbach International.     Connectors for the military should be small, lightweight, rugged, reliable, and versatile as they are exposed to various demanding applications and environments. Here are some suggestions for specifying military COTS connectors. Size, Weight, and Shape By conserving fuel, aRead More

Downhole and Subsea Applications Require Unique Connectors

The main markets for subsea and high-pressure connectors require unique designs that mate when submerged, plus fiber optics and hermetic assemblies.   When designers think about exotic applications, they might think about deep space. However, these are gentle applications compared to the severe environmental requirements for connectors used in downhole and subsea projects, where temperatures can exceedRead More

TE PRO BEAM EB16 for M38999 Connectors

The TE PRO BEAM EB16 for M38999 connectors brings expanded beam optical technology to size 16 contacts. TE Connectivity announced its new PRO BEAM EB16 optical termini that bring the durability and ruggedness of expanded-beam optical technology to its size 16 contacts. Designed to fit MIL-DTL-38999 Series III size 16 cavities, the termini are aRead More

Fiber Optics: Knocking on the Copper Door

Fiber optics has long been touted as the next big thing. After 30 years of expectation, is that reality finally here? Fiber optics has long been defined as a technology that will become mainstream within five years…for at least the last 30 years. That may finally be changing. We don’t see fiber replacing copper toRead More

Radiall EB-LuxCis Multipin Connectors

Radiall EB-LuxCis multipin connectors provide the high-performance durability of expanded-beam technology. Radiall launched the EB-LuxCis product range, which features the widely used LuxCis ARINC 801 fiber optic contact inserted in a two- or four-channel expanded-beam insert. The product range is available in various circular or rectangular connectors and is suitable for high-contamination environments and demanding applications where easeRead More

On-Train Fiber Optic Connectivity

The railway industry still hesitates to make systematic use of fiber optic technology on board rolling stock. HUBER+SUHNER explains how recent advances in cable and connectors have made on-train fiber optic connectivity a reality.   Over the past few years, the emergence of Ethernet as an industry standard for communication on board trains has moved from conceptRead More

Emerson SE600 Series Expanded Beam Connector

Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions’ SE600 Series Expanded Beam connector is ideal for harsh environment applications such as oil and gas exploration and production. Emerson Network Power launched the SE600 Series Expanded Beam (EB) connector for systems in oil and gas exploration and production environments, both offshore and onshore. The Nickel Aluminum Bronze (NAB) orRead More

Molex Expanded-Beam Ruggedized Optical Cable Assemblies

Minimize signal transmission failures and costly downtime with Molex Expanded-Beam Ruggedized Optical Cable Assemblies. Molex announced availability of its Expanded-Beam Ruggedized Optical Cable Assemblies, delivering highly reliable interconnects for use in harsh environments including aerospace and defense tactical communications, security communications, outside broadcast, petrochemical plant, mining, and offshore systems. These highly ruggedized, easy-to-use connectors requireRead More

Fischer Connectors’ Revolutionary FiberOptic Hybrid Connector

Fischer’s revolutionary FiberOptic hybrid connector offers two fiber channels and two electrical contacts in one small package. Fischer Connectors extends its Fischer FiberOptic Series with a revolutionary hybrid connector. After the successful launch of the Fischer FiberOptic Series with two (FO2) and four (FO4) fibers at the end of 2012, Fischer Connectors now offers aRead More

Connector Industry Forges Ahead in Optical Technology

At recent trade shows, interconnect suppliers spotlighted fiber optic innovations, as the connector industry forges ahead in optical technology. Just this month, Molex, TE, and US Conec all introduced new optical products that provide faster data rates, more versatility, and unlimited potential. Molex Technologies Support MXC Fiber Optic Interface Molex announced that its VersaBeam supports the new MXCRead More

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