Samtec Panel-Mount Discrete Wire Cable Assembly

The Samtec panel-mount discrete wire cable assembly expands its popular Mini Mate product line. Samtec released a new panel-mount discrete wire cable assembly as part of its Mini Mate product family. This new panel-mount discrete wire assembly is ideal for in-line connections required to pass through a panel. The assembly accommodates a panel thickness of .0329″ (0.84mm)Read More

TE 100G QSFP28 Copper Cable Assembly

The TE 100G QSFP28 copper cable assembly complies with next-generation 100G Ethernet and InfiniBand EDR industry standards. TE Connectivity introduced its new high-speed 100G QSFP28 passive copper cable assembly. Providing four data transmission lanes at 25Gb/s (or up to 28Gb/s per lane), this product satisfies market demand for the next generation of 100G switches, servers, routers,Read More

Omnetics Miniature Cables And Connectors

Omnetics miniature cables and connectors improve high-density circuit performance. Omnetics has launched a line of micro and nano interconnects with shielding that reduces EMI in tight spaces. The connectors offer low profiles, lighter weights, and good connections for most routing signals in small electronics and modules.  The cabling to the connectors can be specifically designed to protect both cableRead More

How to Select Cable for Variable Frequency Drive Systems

Excessive electrical noise in variable frequency drive installations can wreak havoc on the precision electronic components, network cabling, and other sensitive wiring found in most modern industrial facilities. Belden’s Peter Cox explains how to select cable for variable frequency drive systems. Many existing variable frequency drive (VFD) installations use cross-linked high heat water resistant insulated wire (XHHW); thermoplasticRead More

Choosing Between Overmolded or Field-Assembled Cables

In an excerpt from a recent white paper, the folks at Switchcraft offer helpful tips for choosing between overmolded and field-assembled cables for your next design. Cable assemblies are the core components for your most critical connections. In many instances, you’ll have the option of choosing between field-assembled cables or overmolded cables. For some designsRead More

Siemon Cisco-Compatible SFP+ Direct-Attached Copper Cable Assemblies

While its industry-standard passive SFP+ DAC assemblies have been tested and proven for interoperability, these new Siemon Cisco-compatible SFP+ direct-attached copper cable assemblies are programmed specifically to work with network equipment with 10GBASE-CX1 ports. Siemon, a network infrastructure specialist, announced SFP+ Copper twinax direct-attach cables (DACs) that are programmed for compatibility with Cisco equipment. While Siemon’s industry-standard passive SFP+Read More

TE’s Slim High-Speed Copper Cable Assembly

TE’s new slim high-speed copper cable assembly is a 33 AWG fine-gauge copper cable assembly that provides 40Gb/s and ultra-thin, lightweight features for high-density use. TE Connectivity introduced one of the slimmest high-speed copper cable assemblies on the market: the QSFP+ 33 AWG cable assembly. As an evolution of TE’s high-speed TurboTwin cable assemblies, these ultra-thinRead More

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