Connector Basics

AC/DC Device Plugs Will Pave the Way to DC Data Centers

Transitioning to the use of DC power throughout data centers can reduce component count and costs, deliver higher reliability, and improve energy efficiency. It’s no secret that the dedicated use of direct-current (DC) power in data centers results in reduced component counts and costs, greater reliability, and vastly improved energy efficiency. We’re not quite thereRead More

Connector Housings Provide Crucial Component Integrity

Also known as shells, backshells, blocks, or bodies, these sub-components are much more than just a simple piece of metal or plastic. Housings are the metal or plastic portions that encompass the raw connector. They may also be referred to as shells, backshells, blocks, or bodies. But let’s not oversimplify things. These sub-components are muchRead More

Modular Connectors Help Data Centers Optimize Energy Efficiency

Modular connectors are increasingly popular in data center architectures, where engineers are looking for ways to lower server costs, reduce cooling costs, and optimize power to keep up with the rising data demands of the digital age.  Data centers are surging. So are their energy needs. One large data facility can consume as much electricityRead More

How Integrated Ethernet Technology Can Increase Functionality in Automotive Applications

Ethernet is an ideal technology for automotive applications because of its extensive bandwidth, ability to handle high-speed data, security advantages, high reliability, and efficiency. By Chief Enterprises The connected car is a concept that has propelled the automotive industry into the future. The technologies that enable today’s automobiles to communicate with systems in other vehiclesRead More

Four Key Device Trends Driving the Medical Connector Market

Trends driving collaboration between medical device and connector manufacturers include increased demand for safety and regulatory compliance, disposable solutions, high-resolution imaging capabilities, and durability. The quality and reliability of electronic equipment for the medical industry is vital, as human life and safety depend on it. This formidable responsibility not only impacts the device manufacturer, butRead More

Interconnect Solutions Drive the Evolution of Rail Mobility

Core rail interconnect innovations have supported transportation industry goals to provide faster, safer, and more comfortable services. By Chiara Pieri, Marcom Manager, Tom Kannally, Product Specialist – Connectors, Riadh Gazdallah, Commercial Connectors Product Manager, Smiths Interconnect The need and desire for faster, safer, and more comfortable rail services has grown significantly in the past twoRead More

Maximize UL Voltage Ratings in Power and Control Systems for Mobile Equipment

Rail and other connected mobile systems depend on control devices that meet specific UL guidelines. Coordinating components can maximize actual achievable voltage levels. Power and control devices for mobility applications are designed with specific application voltage ratings in mind. The components used to electrically connect these devices to mobile equipment, from elevators to rail systems,Read More

Testing Integrated Circuits using High-Frequency Interconnect

When an interconnection network is inserted within a transmission line between an IC device and the attaching PCB, the connectors used must provide superior electrical performance while also meeting a range of mechanical requirements. Integrated circuits have transformed electronic device design. Integrated circuits, also called ICs or semiconductor devices, have enabled designers to continually increaseRead More

ICMs Help Build Powerful 5G Networks

Integrated connector modules (ICMs) are making it possible to build or upgrade networks to support the higher speeds and bandwidths of 5G and the higher volumes of data traffic that are coming with full implementation. By Bel Magnetic Solutions As the installation of 5G infrastructure continues to advance, more consumers are gaining access to theRead More

Automotive Testing Puts Connectors Through a Lifetime of Intense Demands

Interconnects used in automotive testing processes endure the rugged conditions of life on the road, before a car is even assembled. Modular rack and panel connectors offer durability, flexibility, and dependability under test conditions. Auto buyers expect new cars to provide a smoother, quieter, and easier driving experience while also providing greater safety and lessRead More

Everyday Connectors for Consumer Products

Durable, user-friendly connectors used in gaming consoles, smartphones, laptops, and other connected devices continue to evolve as consumers become more entwined with technology. If, like me, you are old enough to remember the birth of the computer games industry, you may remember what it was like getting to grips with this new technology. At theRead More

Circular Connector Coupling Mechanisms for Extreme Environments

The classic circular connector design is available with a wide range of materials, coupling mechanisms, and protection levels to reliably serve applications that operate in harsh environments.  Power, signal, and high-speed data are essential to the nervous system of modern electronics, and secure interconnect coupling mechanisms are critical to the reliability and integrity of theirRead More

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