HARTING DIN 41612 M Inverse Connectors

By News Release | June 15, 2015

The HARTING DIN 41612 M inverse connectors, suited for combined connections, offer users greater flexibility. 

HARTINGHARTING DIN 41612 M Inverse Connectors now offers its M inverse connectors for DIN 41612. These connector styles are especially suited for combined connections between circuit boards in which signal, coax, high current up to 40A, or glass fiber transmissions need to be combined in one connector.

The new connector styles are available with pole numbers 78+2, 60+4, 42+6, 24+8, and 6+10, where the first number indicates the number of signal contacts and the second the number of special contacts. The 6+10 connector style in particular is all new and enables up to 10 special contacts to be integrated in one connector.

For all applications, diverse contacts both with cable as well as circuit board connections are available. Along with the M connector that has been available for many years, mezzanine connections (two parallel circuit boards) and extender card connections (two circuit boards lying side by side) can be implemented with the various combinations.

The new angled female connectors are available in solder technology, and the straight male connectors (headers) in solder, press-in, or wire-wrap technology. The signal contacts are compactly premounted in a 2.54mm grid and can carry a load of up to 2A per contact. They are tested to the IEC 60 603-2 standard.

News Release
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