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Connectivity Solutions for Commercial V2V Communications

Vehicles talk to each other to improve efficiency and safety.   It’s now possible for vehicles to communicate with each other – and not by drivers rolling down their windows to shout at each other. Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications systems can improve the safety, efficiency, and productivity of a wide range of commercial vehicles. Multiple SystemsRead More

Future Powertrains: Radical New End Game

In the coming decades the choice of land-vehicle powertrain will mainly be dictated by emissions conformance in addition to the best cost/performance compromise. This will result in a move to pure electric vehicles as laws tighten and technology improves.   The main powertrain options for land vehicles over the next 20 years, according to aRead More

The Real-Life Iron Man Suit

No longer the stuff of superhero comics, the military’s latest soldier defense project is built in part on decades of research and innovation from the connector and cable industry.   For the entire history of warfare, technology has seesawed between the dominance of weapon technology and the dominance of armor technology, and modern war isRead More

Great Connector Inventions: 2mm Metral

The development of the 2mm Metral connector changed the telecom industry forever.   The connector industry is very interesting, in part, because of exciting inventions developed by engineers – some of which have such an impact that the direction of the industry is changed. In the late ‘80s, telecom OEMs were outgrowing the capabilities ofRead More

Developing Custom Connectors for the Automotive Market

Although there are dozens of standard, off-the-shelf automotive connectors deployed in each new vehicle, the recent integration of evolved electronics in automotive designs has resulted in a rapidly growing population of custom connectors that make complex electric systems communicate effectively.   What we once thought was leading-edge technology is now common in our everyday lives. TakeRead More

USB Type-C: What You Need to Know

Depicted as “one cable to connect them all,” in reality there will be more than one type of USB-C cable. Mouser Electronics offers a primer on what you need to know about USB Type-C technology.   USB Type-C (USB-C) is a new technology that promises to de-clutter our lives by channeling up to 10Gb/s ofRead More

Military Tech Advancements in 2016

Military tech advancements for 2016 will sharpen situational awareness and expand capabilities for the warfighter.      Across the Department of Defense, many research and development programs are finding it necessary to change direction in order to adapt to budget cuts. Program managers, expected to advance technology while spending less money, are rising to theRead More

Why Connector Giants Expand into Sensors

Is it for the sake of technology advancement, broader customer appeal, or just a good business opportunity? Bishop & Associates’ David Brearley looks at why connector giants expand into sensors.    You may have noticed there have been several acquisitions of sensor companies by connector companies in recent years. TE Connectivity, for example, acquired MeasurementRead More

Cyber and Physical Worlds Merge in Connected Industry

Cyber and physical worlds merge in connected industry to radically alter industrial production.   Until today, industrial facilities have largely followed a simple concept – that of automated tasks being performed by automated devices that are connected to a central controller. That’s it; nothing more is necessary for industrial production. The network is merely the vehicle for theRead More

Protect Cable from Oil Damage

Oil can inflict molecular damage on the compounds used for cable insulation and jacketing that will ultimately result in cable failure, downtime, and replacement costs. Lapp USA explains how this happens and how to prevent it.     Of all the chemical exposures that can affect the life and performance of electrical cables, oil is oneRead More

Military Wearables Enhance Soldier Capabilities

Military wearables enhance soldier capabilities, but the next generation of battlefield equipment will require an evolution in connector technology.   New wearables, including augmented reality technology and devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), will not (yet) make the new soldier or airman look like Iron Man, although “Iron Man Suit” is the nickname usedRead More

Is Your Cable Assembly Also Your Achilles Heel?

There are critical steps to effectively manage – and minimize – the risk involved in the design, manufacture, and assembly of custom medical cables to ensure the cable assembly is not the system’s Achilles heel.    An impactful new medical device is released to the market, only to be recalled months later due to theRead More

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