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Building the Smart Grid

Overall, it’s a mixed picture around the world, but the move toward building the smart grid continues to gain momentum. According to research company Bloomberg New Energy Finance, investments in smart grid equipment and rollout reached $14.9 billion in 2013, up almost 5% from the $14.2 billion recorded in 2012. Half of the worldwide spending on smart grid implementationRead More

Consumer Electronics: Has Innovation Peaked?

John MacWilliams wonders if, with the evolutions and revolutions we’ve seen over the last few years in consumer electronics, has innovation peaked? The consumer electronics industry (CE) has gone from also-ran to shining star – and back to a more subdued posture unless some exciting things happen by this fall. The transition goes like this:Read More

Q&A: Cabling for the Computer/Peripheral Market

In a new Q&A, Heilind’s David Goforth discusses the trends in cabling for the computer/peripheral market right now. Q: How strong is the computer/peripheral market for your cable and wire suppliers right now? How has this changed in the last five years or so?  A: Price declines have been offset by the growth in theRead More

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