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The Rugged Connector Checklist

Rugged connectors are required for applications in a wide variety of settings, from sterile medical facilities to downhole oil and gas rigs. Key considerations for specification include the environment, the function, and the performance requirements.   Rugged Connector Checklist Rugged connectors must be able to function in environments and under circumstances that would challenge typicalRead More

Connector Innovations for Commercial Vehicles

The commercial vehicle market consistently requires stronger defenses against hazards such as temperature, vibration, and exposure to moisture or chemicals, all of which can cause failure. As a result, suppliers are developing ruggedized connectors that meet stringent requirements and ratings.   Connector Innovations for Commercial Vehicles Connector manufacturers are taking advantage of slower demand in the heavy-dutyRead More

5G’s Threefold Mandate

The challenges of high-bandwidth low-latency wireless for autonomous technology, high data volumes for media, and support for the Internet of Things are shaping the next generation of wireless.   While each generation of mobile technology has been developed to tackle new challenges, the current generation in development – the 5G standard – will be designedRead More

M.2 Connectors for Sleek Smart Home Electronics

Due to the especially personal nature of homes, smart home electronics must be user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and as subtle as possible. The new M.2 connector is designed for use with a wider range of module widths and lengths, and especially smaller computer expansion cards that operate at faster transfer speeds.   Intelligent devices are explodingRead More

Options for Terminating Coaxial Cable

Coaxial/RF cable assemblies comprised $13.5 billion of the $142 billion worldwide market for cable assemblies in 2015. How coax cable and connectors are terminated affects quality and performance, so learn how to choose the right coaxial cable termination options for your application. Whether it’s ultralight, radiation-resistant sensor cable assemblies in the Mars Rover; a cabledRead More

Connector Designs for Miniaturization of Military Electronics

Military organizations throughout the world are working hard to lighten the load soldiers carry into battle; connector and cabling designs may offer solutions for miniaturization of military electronics.   There is a great sense of urgency in military organizations worldwide to modernize their operations. According to National Defense Magazine, there is an “innovation gap” that isRead More

Feedthrough Challenges on the A-3 Test Stand

With potentially thousands of control and sensor data channels entering and exiting in engine test-stand vacuum chamber applications, it is essential for hermetically sealed conductor feedthroughs to solve cross-talk and leakage challenges as well as provide flexibility to meet future custom data needs. NASA worked with Douglas Electrical Components to provide such solutions for itsRead More

“Naked” IDCs as Workaround Solutions in Extreme Environments

End products intended for use in harsh applications are often potted or overmolded to make them impact-resistant and/or waterproof. Although beneficial for the end consumer, this final encapsulation process can negatively affect the electrical and mechanical integrity of the product’s connections.    With so many connector options available, it can be difficult to filter throughRead More

The Robots in Your Future

Today we see all types of robotic devices that do everything from vacuum your floors to clean up nuclear waste. Originally focused on industrial and hazardous applications, robots are now appearing in warehouses, hospitals, and even the home. The concept of automated devices that extend human capabilities has sparked the imagination of people for manyRead More

Why We Need Copper AND Fiber

From wet silk thread to modern superconducting ribbon, interconnect technology has advanced along with the related electronic technology as it is critical to an electrical system’s operation. Add to that the realm of optical fiber, and you have a huge marketplace of mixed applications, technologies, and services.   With wireless technologies – both signal- andRead More

Electric Car Racing Puts Connectors in the Spotlight

The FIA Formula E Series has attracted connector companies as sponsors and highlights the role of electronics in the future of auto racing. Along with the rest of the car industry, motorsport has taken a turn for the green and the high tech. The FIA Formula E Series is the first to feature exclusively electricRead More

Connector Innovation in Autosport

Racing engineers always request solutions that bend the laws of physics, but that’s what makes working in the industry such a challenge. By its very nature, autosport is not an industry that stands still; just when you think you know what’s happening, a new technology appears and it all moves forward again. Autosport has broughtRead More

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