Hybrid Connectors for Heavy-Duty Transportation

Hybrid connectors reduce the number of connectors and cables needed for advanced agricultural machinery and other heavy equipment. A single modern hybrid connector can do the work of two, four, six, or even more traditional connectors. Today’s transportation, agricultural, and construction vehicles come feature-rich with computers, GPS systems, and an array of other electronic features.Read More

CAN bus Connector and Cable Considerations

CAN bus interfaces and modules, with a range of corresponding cable types and connector combinations, serve as the backbone of the CAN communications system. When chosen properly, they deliver performance, cost savings, and reliability. Controller Area Network (CAN) technology first appeared in European luxury vehicles 30 years ago. Since then, CAN technology has become prevalentRead More

Heavy-Duty Connectors for Off-Highway Applications

Off-highway vehicles require heavy-duty connectors that can handle demanding power requirements, withstand the elements, and stay connected through the jostling and vibrations that this rugged category of vehicles experiences in the field. Off-highway vehicles used for construction, agriculture, mining, or other demanding applications require connectors that differ significantly from those used in consumer vehicles. JustRead More

Terminal Blocks for Heavy Duty Applications

Terminal blocks are a simple, inexpensive, and useful type of connector. They are a good choice for simple circuits and have a long history of use in transportation and industrial equipment. Terminal blocks or terminal connectors are a simple, useful, cost-effective, and often crucial component in transportation applications. You need to know a few thingsRead More

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