TE’s 192Gb/s Internal Mini-SAS Connector and Cable Assembly

By News Release | August 03, 2015

TE’s 192Gb/s internal Mini-SAS connector and cable assembly meets high-density, high-speed SAS 2.1 and SAS 3.0 specifications and saves valuable PCB and cable routing space.

TE ConnectivityTE Mini-SAS high-density (HD) connector and cable assemblies introduced its new internal Mini-SAS high-density (HD) connector and cable assemblies – a high-speed interface capable of transferring data at 192Gb/s (12Gb/s x 16 lanes). The product is designed to be 30% smaller than conventional SAS interconnects, increasing linear board density and saving coveted PCB space. The interconnect has been adopted by SAS 2.1 and SAS 3.0 specifications and supports a broad range of speeds up to 12Gb/s.

TE’s internal Mini-SAS HD connector and cable assemblies are compatible with a variety of architectures in multiple applications including enterprise storage, high-performance computing, and networking.

“As the market for higher-density and higher-speed interconnects grows, TE remains committed to delivering the most innovative and efficient solutions across various applications,” said Bowen Yu, product manager, TE Data and Devices. “Our internal Mini-SAS HD interconnect is one example of TE’s engineering innovation, with industry-leading performance and flexibility bundled in a miniature interface.”

Other features and benefits of the internal Mini-SAS HD connector and cables include:

  • 0.75mm contact pitch
  • Faster installation with press-fit termination, pre-assembled one-piece connector, and keying for proper plug orientation
  • Screw-mounted design for additional retention
  • Composite flat 30AWG twin axial cable with side bands
  • Short 18mm straight and right-angle cable connectors
  • 100 ohm and 85 ohm impedance cables

TE’s family of Mini-SAS HD products includes connector and cable assemblies for internal and external SAS applications.

News Release
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