2021 Top 10 Connector Manufacturers: Website Usablility

In this fifth and final article, Connector Supplier reveals the 2021 Top 10 connector manufacturers ranked for customer satisfaction in overall website usability. Bishop & Associates has completed its 2021 North American customer survey, which evaluated 37 connector manufacturers. A total of 221 customers answered 18 questions relating to important issues such as quality, pricing, delivery,Read More

Top Ten Largest Connector Companies Gain Market Share (1980-2020)

While smaller connector companies carve out dedicated customer bases with unique product and service offerings, the big guys continue to dominate the market. The connector industry has always been top heavy, with the 10 largest companies accounting for a large part of the world market. For example, in 1980, the top 10 represented 38% of world connector sales.Read More

2019 Top 10 European Connector Companies for On-Time Delivery and Technical Support and Expertise

The results are in for the 2019 Bishop & Associates European Customer Satisfaction Survey of the Electronic Connector Industry. We reveal the top 10 European connector companies for on-time delivery and technical support and expertise. Bishop & Associates has completed its biennial European Customer Satisfaction Survey of the Electronic Connector Industry, which evaluated 30 connector manufacturers. ARead More

Love Your Distributor? Tell Us Why.

Bishop & Associates and Connector Supplier are conducting a detailed survey about the factors that make distributors successful in the interconnect industry. Make sure your opinions are heard. 2019 Distributor Satisfaction Survey Every year, Bishop & Associates and Connector Supplier invites our readers and distribution customers to participate in a survey that examines how electronicRead More

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