The Era of Smart Wearables is Coming

Connectivity will be key to expanding the world of wearables in the future.   The world of technology is going through another transformation. We went from mainframes to desktop PCs in about two decades; from desktops to laptop PCs in one; and from laptops to smartphones and tablets in less than that. Another revolution isRead More

Connectors in Medical Robotics

Traditionally employed in heavy industrial applications, robots are moving into other industries. In the medical field, they are used for surgery, therapy, diagnostics, and much more.   Robots for specialized medical applications such as surgery bring together robotics and biology, and we’re seeing an increase in the number of robots specifically designed and developed for thisRead More

TE Opens Wearables Lab

To address rapid growth in the wearables market, TE opens a wearables lab focused on consumer, medical, industrial, and defense applications.     TE Connectivity announced the official opening of its TE Wearables Lab in Menlo Park, Calif.,US. Exclusively focused on wearable technologies across consumer, medical, industrial, and defense businesses, the lab serves as aRead More

Keeping the Future Soldier Connected

Utilizing modern technology to build efficient integrated equipment, electronics manufacturers ensure that the future soldier maintains constant contact to receive crucial, mission-critical information. Here are some big ideas from ITT Cannon for keeping the future soldier connected. With continuing developments in technology, a soldier’s equipment must stay that much more ahead of these advances. UtilizingRead More

Mobile Health Monitoring Technologies Go Viral

The extraordinary success of “wearables” has helped forge opportunities for medical device manufacturers to better serve healthcare providers and patients. Hank Mancini of Molex subsidiary Affinity Medical explains how and why mobile health monitoring technologies go viral. Wearable devices, including smart watches, smart glasses, smart clothing, even upscale smart jewelry, with even more products inRead More

How to Specify Medical Connectors

The development of modular medical devices, such as pluggable or wearable drug dispensing and patient monitoring equipment, poses several engineering challenges. AVX’s Tom Anderson offers tips on how to specify medical connectors. The development of modular medical devices, such as pluggable or wearable drug dispensing and patient monitoring equipment, poses several engineering challenges. Although electronicRead More

Consumer Electronics in Transition at CES 2014

Once considered futuristic concepts, the consumer electronics in transition at CES 2014 will soon be ready for widespread adoption. The past decade has been stellar for consumer electronics (CE). In many ways CE overshadowed business applications and became a key factor in driving unit volumes to new heights. Key developments that drove this demand include:Read More

In the Cloud and on Your Wrist: Peripheral Equipment

November 2013 – A decrease in desktop sales and the quickly evolving world of mobile devices are changing the definition of “computer peripherals.” Is it a watch or is it a computer? John MacWilliams takes a closer look at the current catalog of peripheral equipment to determine what’s in, what’s out, what’s new, and what’s over.

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