Soldier Wearables and Heads-Up Displays Challenge Connectors

US Army leaders and their industrial partners are looking at new ways to equip dismounted soldiers with lighter weight, wireless, more capable, and more integrated electronic systems. The goal of a major revamp of the Adaptive Squad Architecture (ASA) is to harmonize both the individual dismounted soldier and the squad as an integrated combat platform,Read More

Video Displays Take a Great Leap Forward With DisplayPort 2.0

The latest DisplayPort connector standard will deliver the higher performance needed for immersive gaming, content streaming, and digital displays, as well as higher resolution and high dynamic range capability. Home cinephiles, video gamers, event projectionists, and designers of videowalls and multiple chained-screen PC displays have reason to rejoice: The long-anticipated update to the DisplayPort audio/videoRead More

Molex IllumiMate Single-Connector Solution for Thin-Screen LED TVs

The Molex IllumiMate 1.00mm and 1.25mm pitch wire-to-board connector system provides design flexibility with multiple mating and voltage configurations. Molex Incorporated introduced its IllumiMate 1.00mm and 1.25mm pitch wire-to-board connector system, offering today’s flat-panel LED television and PC monitor manufacturers more mating styles, voltage ratings, circuit sizes, and locking types than any similar connector systemRead More

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