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2016 Top 10 Connector Suppliers for Price Competitiveness

The results are in for the 2016 Bishop & Associates US Customer Satisfaction Survey of the Electronic Connector Industry, and in this issue we reveal the top 10 suppliers for price competitiveness. View survey results from all survey years. 2016 Top 10 Connector Suppliers: Price Competitiveness Bishop & Associates just completed its biennial US customer survey,Read More

The Hottest Connector Technology of 2016 (So Far!)

With the first half of 2016 behind us, Bishop & Associates’ Dave Brearley takes a look at the hot products and technologies that are dominating the year so far.   The Hottest Connector Technology of 2016 (So Far!) Writing about connector innovations is always fun; recent developments are no exception. Innovative connector solutions have beenRead More

Great Connector Inventions: 2mm Metral

The development of the 2mm Metral connector changed the telecom industry forever.   The connector industry is very interesting, in part, because of exciting inventions developed by engineers – some of which have such an impact that the direction of the industry is changed. In the late ‘80s, telecom OEMs were outgrowing the capabilities ofRead More

Top 10 Connector Suppliers in the Consumer Market

Out of the top 100 companies, Molex is the top supplier of connectors to the consumer market.   The worldwide demand for connectors in the consumer market was $2.9 billion in 2014. China and Asia Pacific consumed 68% of those connectors by dollar volume. China’s connector consumption was just slightly higher than Asia Pacific’s consumptionRead More

Amphenol to Buy FCI Asia

Amphenol has made a binding offer to Bain Capital for FCI Asia, which will be the company’s second acquisition this year. Amphenol Corporation has made a binding offer to of $1.275 billion to Bain Capital for Singapore-based FCI Asia Pte. Ltd. The acquisition, which will be financed with cash and debt, is expected to closeRead More

FCI 3mm RotaConnect Wire-to-Board Connector

The FCI 3mm RotaConnect wire-to-board connector mates horizontally with the existing board-to-board version. FCI announced the extension of the RotaConnect family with a wire-to-board solution. The wire-to-board (WtB) connector mates horizontally with the existing board-to-board version, which is hermaphroditic and surface-mount-soldered to the PCB. The 3.00mm pitch RotaConnect WtB features a dual-beam spring-contact design that delivers high performance andRead More

FCI BarGuide Power Connectors

The FCI BarGuide Power Connectors provide high-power distribution in high-density packaging. FCI released the BarGuide Power Connectors, which were developed to meet the ever-evolving demands for high-power distribution in high-density packaging. They provide high amperage connections between busbars and circuit boards. BarGuide connectors provide a current-carrying capability from 60 – 250A, based on specific pin sizes. TheyRead More

FCI’s New 25Gb/s Optical On-Board Transceiver

FCI’s new 25Gb/s optical on-board transceiver, just one square inch in size, features 12 transmit and 12 receive channels. FCI has released the Leap On-board-Transceiver (OBT) system. The one-square-inch board-mounted optical module features 12 transmit and 12 receive channels, each working at 25Gb/s over distances up to 100m with a total of 300Gb/s throughput. The OBTRead More

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