Product Roundup: Push-Pull Connectors

By Christine Stieglitz | March 27, 2018

This week’s product roundup highlights push-pull connectors from leading suppliers.

Heilind ElectronicsMolex MediSpec™ Plastic Circular (MPC) Connector System offers the MediSpec™ Medical Plastic Circular (MPC) Interconnect System from Molex, which delivers high-reliability electrical performance especially designed to meet stringent medical standards at a fraction of the cost of competing machined-contact systems. This system features lightweight, medical-grade plastic housings compatible with autoclave, ethylene oxide (EtO), gamma, and chemical sterilization processes; standard male plugs and panel-mount female receptacles; simple push-pull engagement with an optional locking sleeve; IP50 or IP64 sealing; and reliable stamped-and-formed electrical contacts rated for 10,000 mating cycles. Ideal applications include: disposable sensors and catheters; surgical instrumentation, electrophysiology, patient monitoring, imaging, and dental equipment; and instrumentation, avionics, test and measurement, data acquisition, and entertainment equipment.

Amphenol PcdAmphenol Pcd’s Solaris Series rectangular, plastic connectors’s Solaris Series rectangular, plastic connectors are small, rugged, and lightweight, and deliver reliable performance and ease of use in low- and medium-power commercial, military, and unmanned aircraft applications with high mating cycles and wide operating temperatures, including: power and signal distribution, lighting, cabin service, and in-flight entertainment systems, and seat arms, seat backs, tray tables, compartments, ceilings, and side panels. Featuring a spring-loaded slide lock mechanism that enables single-handed, tool-less mating, effectively eliminating the foreign object debris commonly found in typical screw-mount D-Sub connectors, each housing is ultrasonically welded to achieve void-free joints and crack-free operation, and has raised finger ridges for a sure grip, built-in cable tie access holes for zero-footprint connections to bulkheads or cable bundles, and interfacial seal and wire seal grommets for IP67 protection from dust, moisture, and corrosion. The series also exhibits robust resistance to shock and vibration, and is rated for 5–13.5A, operating temperatures extending from -65°C to +150°C, and a minimum of 500 mating cycles.

ITT CannonITT PL Series’s miniature, circular PL Series plastic, push-pull interconnects are lightweight, sterilizable, and cost-effective, feature easy-grip designs and an innovative self-latching mechanism, and enable quick cable-to-cable and cable-to-board connect and disconnect capabilities, making them ideal for use in standard, reusable, and disposable medical applications including: dental and electrosurgery tools, ECG devices, catheters, sensors, respirators, and defibrillators, and challenging industrial applications including: control and test and measurement systems. Available with 2–14 signal contacts, six keying options, and seven color-coding options, the IP50 series is fully intermateable with existing push-pull industry solutions, can be combined with ITT’s value-added cable assembly solutions, and is rated for 0.6–1.2kV, 2–10A, operating temperatures extending from -50°C to +150°C, and durability in excess of 2,000 mating cycles.

Newark element14 offers JMX Series circular, plastic, push-pull connectors from SOURIAUNewark element14 offers JMX Series circular, plastic, push-pull connectors from SOURIAU. Ideal for use in medical, industrial, instrumentation, measurement, robotics, and other harsh-environment applications, the series is robust, reliable, and lightweight, and has an ergonomic, easy-grip design with push-pull latching, visual indicators, and blind mating features. Available in nine layouts, nine color codes, six keying options, and four diameters spanning 0.5–1.3mm, the series is rated for up to 10A, 1,200V, and 2,000 mating cycles, delivers IP68 protection in both mated or unmated conditions, can withstand up to 200 four-minute cycles of autoclave sterilization at 134°C, and is compliant with UL 1977 and IEC 61984.

Phoenix Contact’s Push-Pull ADVANCE connectorsPhoenix Contact’s Push-Pull ADVANCE connectors have a single-piece, die-cast zinc housing compatible with 6.5–13mm outer-diameter cables, are sealed to IP65/IP67, and are suitable for power transmission up to 24V and 16A in a variety of industrial applications. The series also features a locking system that prevents inadvertent disconnection, enables the easy front mounting and quick release of power inserts, and offers individual production identification for traceability purposes.

Smiths InterconnectSmiths Interconnect’s HyperGrip Series color-coded plastic connectors’s HyperGrip Series circular, plastic, color-coded, push-pull connectors are user-keyable and -configurable, offering six different keying options with a set of common components to reduce cost, lead-time, and inventory, and enabling configurations including connectors with 5, 12, 19, or 33 Hypertac, spring probe, fiber optic, or coaxial contacts, EMI/RFI shielding, IP67 sealing, and five color options. Designed to meet medical industry requirements, such as finger-proofing to UL544 and IEC 60601-1, the series also features a unique front- or rear-panel mount receptacle design that allows users to mount the harness assembly from the inside or outside of device enclosures, is flammability rated to UL94 V-0, is compatible with most sterilization requirements, and is rated for 1A per contact, operating temperatures spanning -40°C to 125°C, and up to 20,000 mating cycles.

SamtecSamtec’s AccliMate™ miniature push-pull connector system’s AccliMate™ miniature push-pull connector system for high-density, harsh-environment applications is constructed of lightweight plastic, has a small, round form factor designed to achieve increased panel density, and is sealed to IP67. Available in cable-to-cable and cable-to-panel solutions with 12 positions and two standard lengths of 28AWG cable (0.24m and 0.5m), the series is intermateable with Hirose’s HR30 Series, features mating indicators and multiple polarizing keys to aid in correct alignment and engagement, enables secure locking and quick disconnection, and is offered as a complete assembly or components in a field termination kit. Components include: MCP and MCR Series cable assemblies, MCPK and MCRK Series field termination kits, CC393 contacts, and TC114 terminals.

AirBorn’s Series 360™ circular interconnect systemAirBorn’s Series 360™ circular interconnect system is small, lightweight, watertight, rugged, reliable, and easy to clean. Ideal for next-generation solider applications, including: communications, radar, avionics, and embedded computer systems, GPS antennas, handheld devices, night-vision equipment, and unmanned systems and land vehicles, the series offers excellent EMI shielding, push-pull locking and Quick-DeMate™ functionality, optimized mechanical and color keying, IP68 or IP69 protection, and robust resistance against shock and vibration. Configurations include board- and panel-mount connectors, cable assemblies, and flex-circuit assemblies, and quick-clean and high-speed versions up to 10Gb/s.

TE ConnectivityTE Connectivity’s DEUTSCH DBAS Series connectors’s DEUTSCH DBAS Series connectors deliver extreme reliability in harsh-environment military and aerospace applications, including rocket launch pads. The radiation-resistant series features a secure and easy-to-use push-pull locking system compatible with blind mating applications, a double-keying system to prevent cross connections, and a leading clip to prevent accidental unmating, and is available with a wide range of inserts, shell types, accessories, and surface-finish options to enable integrated, custom-designed solutions. These connectors are rated for up to 1,500 mating cycles in service temperatures up to 200°C, are compliant with SAE/AS81703 Series III, UTE C 93-422 Model HE 311, and ESA/SCC 3401 specifications, and are available in specific variants for high-temperature, high-speed, high-frequency, cryogenic, pyrotechnic, and 1553 Bus applications, dead-face systems, and EMI shielding.

BTC ElectronicsBTC Electronics offers the Glenair Series 824 Mighty Mouse locking push-pull connectors offers the Glenair Series 824 Mighty Mouse locking push-pull connectors, which mate and lock with the straight push of a revolutionary, low-profile locking coupling mechanism designed to withstand 50lbs (223N) of pull-force and unmate with the simple pull of the release ring. The series is ideal for sensor, charger, vision system, and weaponry applications in which accidental connector disengagement is not an option, and is supplied with separately packaged crimp, snap-in, or rear-release contacts. The series is also compatible with standard Mighty Mouse tools and accessories.

SCHURTERSCHURTER’s waterproof, push-pull IEC connector’s waterproof, push-pull IEC connector provides a strong, reliable connection with audible confirmation, allows for cable breakaway in the event of excess stress, and offers IP67 or IP69K protection both when connected and when unconnected and paired with a protective cover, making it ideal for use in harsh industrial, marine, laboratory, and outdoor applications. Similar to connectors that meet IEC and UL/CSA 60320 standards, it has a Type 4761 appliance inlet and Type 2762 rewireable cord connector, but features a special contact arrangement that prevent interchange with conventional power cords to ensure maximum applied power, IP protection, and cord retention. Rated current is 10A at 250VAC according to IEC and 15A at 250VAC according to UL/CSA, and the maximum operating temperature is +120°C.

LEMOLEMO Anglissimo’s Anglissimo™ adjustable, right-angle, push-pull connectors are designed to prevent cable snagging space-constrained applications and reduce operating failures caused by stressed cables. The eight-in-one plugs can be securely oriented in one of eight positions during assembly, and allow users to select the best cable outlet for their application, even after the soldering process. Available with 2–32 contacts, various keying options, nine color codings, and solder or crimp terminations, the series offers IP50 protection and integrated shielding, accommodates cables ranging from 1mm to 9.9mm in diameter, and is rated for temperatures spanning -55°C to 250°C.

Fischer ConnectorsFischer Connectors’ UltiMate™ Series connectors and cable assembliesUltiMate™ Series connectors and cable assemblies are rugged, compact, lightweight, hermetically sealed, and sealed to IP68/IP69 even when unmated, providing high-reliability solutions for a wide variety of applications with severe environmental, industrial, chemical, and blind-mating conditions. These circular, push-pull connectors feature excellent 360° EMC shielding, extremely robust keying, a grounding contact ring, and robust resistance to shock, vibration, and corrosion. Rated for 10,000 mating cycles and temperatures spanning -55°C to +135°C, the series is available in a wide range of configurations, including cable- and panel-mounted plugs and receptacles with brass and aluminum shells, crimp and solder contacts, and optional sealing caps and color-coded overmolding.

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