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Problem Solved: Smiths Interconnect Hypertac Tackles Lightning Strike Threats

Significant changes are sweeping across the aviation landscape, forcing designers to take a more sobering look at protective measures against lightning strikes as the construction materials used in modern aircraft continue to advance. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that, in a heartbeat, lightning can be fatal. And while we all share a healthy respect for,Read More

Amphenol Heavy-Duty ATHD Series

The Amphenol heavy-duty ATHD series is ideal for rugged, high-vibration applications. Amphenol Industrial Products Group now offers a heavy duty connector series for size 8 and size 12 power contacts.  The new ATHD series is a single-pole, rugged, in-line connection system designed to replace splices as well as provide power wherever needed. Using Amphenol’s exclusive Radsok technology,Read More

Tablets, Nablets, and Phablets Change the Computing Landscape

Since the introduction of the iPad less than five years ago, how, when, and where we compute has changed dramatically. Now, as the handheld technology continues to evolve, tablets, nablets, and phablets will once again change the computing landscape. Over the past 5 years or so, tablets have been all the rage in the personal systemsRead More

New Mill-Max Receptacle Offers Zero Profile and Dual Entry

Providing flush-mount capability, the new Mill-Max receptacle offers zero profile and dual entry. Mill-Max announced a new option in its receptacle line-up – a new receptacle providing flush-mount PCB assembly and dual-entry capability. The 0531-0-15-15-31-27-10-0 receptacle is a zero-profile, solderless, press-fit receptacle with an overall length of .068” (1.73mm).  When pressed in, the 0531 sits flush with theRead More

How to Specify Medical Connectors

The development of modular medical devices, such as pluggable or wearable drug dispensing and patient monitoring equipment, poses several engineering challenges. AVX’s Tom Anderson offers tips on how to specify medical connectors. The development of modular medical devices, such as pluggable or wearable drug dispensing and patient monitoring equipment, poses several engineering challenges. Although electronicRead More

Five Things to Know About “Naked” Connectors

Don’t blush! It’s time to get down and dirty as AVX shares five things to know about “naked” connectors. If you’re not sure your design could benefit from a connector solution that has shed its plastic insulator, here are some considerations for utilizing “naked” connectors, according to AVX‘s Tom Anderson. Naked connectors are single contactsRead More

Mill-Max Discrete, Insulated Spring Pins

The new line of Mill-Max discrete, insulated spring pins is the first series from the supplier dedicated to single-position, insulated, spring-pin terminals. Mill-Max introduced a line of discrete, insulated spring-loaded pins that offers seven different heights of SMT spring pins assembled in durable, high-temperature, nylon 46 insulator sleeves. This new series, 807-22-001-30-00X101 (X = 0-6), utilizesRead More

How to Specify Spring Probe Connectors

Custom connectors that utilize spring probe technology offer compliance, blind mating, and space savings. Gina Prieto of Smiths Connectors offers advice on how to specify spring probe connectors. Custom connectors utilizing spring probe technology offer a number of advantages over other contact types: compliance, blind mating, and space savings. Most often overlooked, however, is their designRead More

AVX Single-Pogo-Pin Board-to-Board Contacts

AVX single-Pogo-pin board-to-board contacts are ideal for high-lifecycle, harsh-environment applications. AVX Corporation introduced a new series of single-Pogo-pin board-to-board (BTB) contacts designed for use in high-lifecycle commercial, industrial, medical, and military applications that demand robust, high-reliability components. Available in five standard compressed stacking heights spanning 2.0mm to 5.0mm – the maximum working range and compressedRead More

ECT High-Performance SCM Radial Connectors

The new ECT high-performance SCM Radial Connectors are ideal for battery charging, board-to-board connections, interposers, and medical devices. Everett Charles Technologies’ (ECT) Compliant Connector Solutions introduced the SCM family of high-performance Radial Connectors – SC1 – at ATX/MD&M West. The SC1 connectors are offered with single and paired rows, easy-to-configure connector footprints, and the ECTRead More

Spring Contact Technology for Test & Measurement

Advancements in materials, manufacturing technologies, design, and quick prototyping capabilities have led to the emergence of innovative spring contact designs for high-reliability connector assemblies, which provide excellent solutions for temporary connections in OEM and test applications

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