Battery Interconnection

Cold-Formed Connectors Boost Electric Vehicles

Power connectors have wide application in the growing electric vehicle market. Producing them via cold forming could deliver multiple benefits, including enhanced part quality and less metal waste. Tighter regulations on CO2 emissions mean that even Formula 1 cars must now be more fuel-efficient – proof, if it were needed, of the inexorable rise of sustainabilityRead More

Kycon 8A High-Current DC Power Jack

The Kycon 8A High-Current DC Power Jack expands the supplier’s existing line to meet customer needs. Kycon expanded its line of high-current DC power jacks with an 8A version. Designated the KLDHCX-8 series, the newest version provides a footprint similar to Kycon’s standard DC power jacks, and is available in 2.0mm diameter and 2.5mm diameter sizes. Rated to 8A,Read More

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