Fairview Microwave Low-Loss LL335i and LL142 Cable Assemblies

By News Release | April 07, 2014

Fairview Microwave low-loss LL335i and LL142 cable assemblies are rated to 18GHz, making them ideal for rugged test environments.

Fairview Microwave Low-Loss LL335i and LL142 Cable AssembliesFairview Microwave introduced a new line of low-loss test cables using LL335i and LL142 coax. Rated to 18 GHz, these new low-loss cable assemblies are ideal for test environments where a rugged, phase-stable cable assembly is required.

Fairview Microwave’s new LL335i and LL142 cables allow for higher power transmission because the resulting higher temperatures do not have a negative effect on the cable, due to the thermal stability of the PTFE tape dielectric. Where phase stability is critical, Fairview’s new low-loss cables allow for a 75% lower phase shift due to the precise construction of these cables. This cable configuration offers attenuation levels 20 to 35% lower than comparable mil-spec cables.

Fairview’s new RF cable assemblies come equipped with a choice of stainless steel TNC, SMA, and N-Type connectors and a heavy duty booting to improve strain relief. These low-loss test cables from Fairview are made with LL335i or LL142 coax, which operate at higher power with better phase stability than traditional cables with solid dielectrics. A double-shielded flexible coax provides shielding greater than 95dB and VSWR of less than 1.35:1.

“Our new low-loss cable assemblies, built with LL335i and LL142 coax, are a valuable addition to our ever-expanding line of high-performance RF test cables,” said Greg Arnold, technical sales manager at Fairview Microwave. “These low-loss, phase-stable, double-shielded cables offer engineers and technicians improved performance over standard RG-type cables in a rugged design, and are ideal for heavy-use test environments where repeatability and stability are paramount.”

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