Globetech is one of the world’s leading suppliers of custom connectors for industrial electrical machinery.

Founded in 1993, we are a Tokyo-based company employing around twenty full-time experts and maintaining relationships with agents in South Korea and the United States.

Our compact configuration enables us to supply custom connectors to equipment manufacturers worldwide in transport, semiconductors, batteries, electrical power, switchgear, and technical research.

We develop long-term relationships based on trust and effective communications. After carefully listening to our customers’ engineers’ concerns, we design and manufacture unique connectors that solve their problems and exceed their expectations.

We are also a leading trading company in the Japanese market for high voltage cables, high-performance industrial outlets, and other equipment. Several top makes from outside Japan rely on us to sell their products on their behalf in the world’s third-largest a company that designs and manufactures custom-made electronic/electrical connectors not handled by existing products. Using our core technology, electrical contacts for stabilizing energization, we manufacture high current connectors, heat resistant connectors, vacuum connectors, and special connectors. Orders are accepted from a single unit.

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